SM Annex in Ecoland looks good to go for a grand opening hopefully this February. One Network Bank looks massive at 7-storey and Kukun Hotel is rising fast at the Abreeza Complex .I don’t really like the output of the USEP Gym but, I am excited for the USEP Gym nonetheless because the city is badly in need of a sports venue.

Kukun Hotel

Kukun Hotel inside the Abreeza Complex. (pics: @ SCC)

SM Annex Mall Expansion at Ecoland

SM Annex, the SM Davao Ecoland expansion, looks like its about to open this February.

Expect new brand of shops in SM Annex. The 2nd Starbucks in Davao is located here. (SM Annex pics: from Thanini and Allenation @ SCC)

One Network Bank

This is where our public school teachers are getting their loan. ONB is one of the fastest growing banks in the country today. (pics: Elbartolo @ SCC)

USEP Gymnasium

The USEP Gym should have commercial strips along the road instead of that unsightly gate. That would neatly spruce up the area and becomes more walkable.

Inside the gym is unfinished, they will install retractable seats and air conditioning system . Hopefully, a rubber gym flooring and a nice ceiling too. (pics from:


Calling all job seekers out there, here are some job opportunities for you. Click on photos to enlarge.

Eurotel Hotel Davao Branch

Belo Medical Group

Receptionist, Aesthetician, Nurse, Doorman/Utility, Cashier, Acctg. Specialist

Read More

AVIDA Davao Condominium

Who wants a job?

Speaking of workforce, surprisingly Davao’s workforce is greater than the city’s population. This is a very interesting trivia. This tidbits I quote from a recent study about Davao.

The study says that the city’s labor pool has expanded to 1,851,000 individuals in 2009 from 434,000 in 1995. The unemployment rate in the city has dropped from 8.3 percent. However, the study also reveals that the workforce is higher that its own population. Tan warned of migration which could affect the city’s population density. read more

Steel Asia Philippines to build a steel plant in Davao City.

Do a 25 billion peso coal power plant and a 4.6 billion peso steel plant say anything to you? These big investments are huge that I can’t even fathom how high Davao can go. The idea of Davao to supply power and steel to the rest of Mindanao screams economic growth for the city.

Davao Will Supply Steel for the rest of Mindanao

“Steel is one of the foundations of national development. With this steel plant, Davao City not only would have the honor of having the only reinforced steel bar rolling mill plant in Mindanao, but also be able to play a bigger role in the development and progress of the island,” the committee report said. read more

Davao City Council to Tackle Zoning Reclassification

THE Davao City Council is set to include in its next sessions’ agenda the request of a businessman in Bunawan to construct a P4.6-billion steel plant.

Davao City Councilor Bernard Al-ag said Monday the steel company is seeking the reclassification of a parcel of land in Bunawan District from medium industrial zone to heavy industrial zone. read more

Aboitiz to reforest 1,000 hectares in Davao

Aboitiz Power Corp. will plant trees in 1,000 hectares in Davao del Sur surrounding the area of its planned 300-megawatt power plant in response to Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio’s request for the company to provide a buffer zone around the facility. read more

Ready to rise on Davao skyline this April

I got this info while visiting AEON’s showroom in J.P Laurel Avenue. I was there to inquire so I can fetch more details about the project. The friendly agent treated me like someone who would buy a unit that she gave me a tour on their single studio unit model. The unit is pretty impressive and looks cool. But, I was there only to inquire, really… like I have that kind money :).

The showroom will be demolished soon by the end of March and the construction will start officially this April. I asked further how sales are doing and they said about more than 200 units are already sold.

If interested to buy a unit at AEON Towers, you can fill up this form. An agent will call you to help with the purchase.

kung hei fat choi!

Its a bit late for me to greet you with that. Hope the new year for our Chinese countrymen specially the forty thousand Dabawenyo Chinese will be fruitful.

In Davao Chinatown, I think our present generation of our Chinese friends are happily embracing the modern way of living. They are now into condo living too and that’s great. Right now, there are two condominiums as I speak that are under construction in Chinatown, the Linmarr Towers and the Wee Siu Yen Condominium.

Condominiums from Chinatown Davao (pics frm Gee Ens @ SSC)

Meanwhile, I think the flying lanterns is an awesome event for the Chinese New Year. Its so beautiful. Since firecrackers are banned in the city, I suggest “flying lanterns” is a great substitute.

Hi guys!

For my readers and fellow Davao enthusiast, I will spill some of the top secret projects that’s been discussed lately this week at the SSC FB group. Hey, just take this revelation as a grain of salt ok. But then again its not gonna hurt you if you wished it will come true. Wishful thinking is free.

1. Oroderm City Condominium (Highrise Condominium, No of floors=???)

The Oroderm City project located at Claveria Street.

Located at Claveria Street, this project will serve as one of the many projects to revitalize the old downtown. Excerpts from SSC FB page:

Oroderm City will have four buildings – 2 three-storey buildings, 1 four-storey building, and 1 seven-storey building. The latter two buildings will be some meters above the street level (ala Abreeza) because of the semi-basement carpark. The hotel building in particular will have a high ceiling in its lobby level so you can expect a taller seven-storey building.

Among the tenants will be McDonalds, KFC, Ranch and Reef, and Land Bank of the Philippines.

There is still a vacant lot beside Oroderm City owned by Dr. Oropeza that is being planned to be the site of a highrise condominium building. But nothing final yet.

By the way, the name of the hotel in Oroderm City is Sapphire Hotel. It will be 7-storeys high. Got the information from the Invitation to Lease that they sent us.

2. Felcris I.T. and 18-storey Condominium

Felcris I.T. complex and 18 floor condominium lot located somewhere in the Boulevard District.

Here is a transcript inside rumor mill:

DurianInTheBigCity – 18 storey condominium…. felcris (Yap.)… fronting LTO…. almendras dapita… more to come….

davaob4now – nice rumour… its good to know nga mga davaoenos mismo naga invest sa city..started with Aeon now Felcris..

donardo – supposed to be a hotel in the 90’ they’re now into war of the condo’s..i think it will also be the site for the Felcris I.T….


3. Avida Condominium (29 floors located at Claveria St. Old Downtown)

TV Patrol Southern Mindanao News reported this project first last September 2011 with news reporter Veena Araneta. The report stated that Avida Company was applying for a building permit for the condominium building. Since then, more evidences are getting leaked inside rumor mill.

The location:

Avida Condominium will be constructed somewhere in this area.

The job hiring announcement:

Who wants a job? Click to enlarge

The leaked rendering:

29 floors of mightiness. This pic is leaked and I don't know it its official.

So, do you think these projects will see the light of day?

Davao Region is one of the top 5 cities with the most number of new private building constructions. Click on the photo to see large version

SM Lanang, JTC Hotel, Kukun Hotel are just three of the many under construction buildings in Davao City. (pics from SSC Davao.)

Davao construction boom continues, Davao Region ranks 4th in the most number of new private building constructions in the country last 2011. Actually, in the SSC facebook page, there are rumors of many proposed building projects in Davao for 2012 and most of them are highrises. I’ll post some of these rumored projects next, promise 🙂 .

At the regional level, the most number of construction projects were located in the following:

  • CALABARZON with 5,516, (21.8%)
  • Central Luzon with 2,972, (11.8%)
  • National Capital Region (NCR) with 2,923, (11.6%)
  • Davao Region with 2,699, (10.7%)
  • Central Visayas with 2,449, (9.7%).

read more

This is the old proposal of ADDU tower. The plan has changed from 20 floors to 12.

This project should have been 20 storeys at 1.3 billion pesos but they downgraded it to 12 floors so that the rest of the funds will go to ADDU’s sports program.

Not bad, sports development is important too if you ask me. I’m gonna be waiting for the new building design.

The Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) is planning to put up a 12-storey building within its campus along Jacinto st. once the institution gets a nod before the Society of Jesus in Rome, the founder of the school.

Fr. Joel E. Tabora, president of AdDU, said yesterday in the weekly I-Speak forum at the conference room in City Hall that they are currently waiting for the decision of the Society of Jesus for the institution to finally jumpstart its construction.

The timetable of the institution is to start the building by April. read more

Proposed Children's Hospital by NFL Superstar Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow during Awarding Ceremonies of BCS National Championship. Floridad defeated Oklahoma to win the title.

This guy is amazing. Aside from being an athlete he has a good heart and a filipino (he was born in the Philippines but he is really an American in ethnicity). Tim Tebow will build a hospital for children in Davao called Tebow Cure Hospital.

NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow announces the first project of the new partnership between the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International, the CURE Tebow Hospital of the Philippines

The Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City will be a 30-bed surgical facility focusing primarily on orthopedics. The groundbreaking will be held in January 2012 and the hospital is expected to open in mid-2013. read more

The Herhof Waste to Energy plant from Germany.

I hope this German investment will push through. The technology they apply for “waste to energy” is breathtaking. Last year, two Davao councilors went to Germany to personally witness the technology in action. Last December, the city council has approved the construction of the facility. Yet. the LGU won’t spend a single centavo for this project but on the other hand, the city will earn a hefty revenue out of this. Go Herhof!

The Herhof Stabilat® Process enables the use of separation technologies which could not be applied directly to wet waste. The key advantage is the simple and effective separation of the waste into valuable components and fuel. The fuel of Stabilat® is free of harmful contamination. It has a high calorific value similar to that of lignite and can be used as fuel in a number of industries. Waste disposal will become a thing of the past.

Take a look at our film about the Herhof Stabilat® Method.

Herhof Official Website