Hello and welcome to my blog


I am new to blogging so I am not good at presenting this to you, my apologies. However, this is the place where I can share my thoughts on anything that comes to my mind.

Anyway, I know you already notice that my main goal in setting up this website is to showcase my hometown which is Davao City. This could be a great deal for any Dabawenyos who are now away from us here and misses us dearly. But then, for those who actually didn’t know that we ever existed, you can see for yourself that we have wonderful things here and it is a great place to visit.

Davao City is really not the only thing we ‘re gonna be discussing here, I could open a page discussing something else. Hope my readers will enjoy this little blog of mine and before I’ll end this I am going to tryout posting some pretty good Davao City presentation.


13 Responses to “Hello and welcome to my blog”

  1. 1 nickilo

    Hi, please feel free to comment to any of my posts. Thanx

  2. 2 jaymar

    low sir

  3. 3 jaymar


  4. 4 jaymar

    sir……..dapat apil me ser

  5. ser…………….apel onta me

  6. laen man ka ser oi

  7. alis nko ser tym nme

  8. 8 rodel mohinog

    sir papasara ko?

  9. 9 jhon samson

    hi sir! salamat sa lahat?

  10. 10 richard marañon

    tama nga kayo dyan sir!!…sapagkat sa panahon ngayon marami ng mga kabataan ang nalulong sa mga bisyo tulad ng drugs,pero hindi naman ho yon sapat na dahilan para patayin sila sapagkat marami pang paraan upang mapigilan ang mga ganitong problema sa lipunan….,hiling ko rin po sa nakakataas na sana suportahan nila ang mga foundation na tumutulong sa mga kabataang nalulong sa mga bisyo para mas mging konkreto ang kanilang foundation….yon lamang poh ang aking maisasabi basi sa artikulong do we need to sacrifice?………

  11. 11 richard marañon

    hiling ko rin sa mga kabataan na sana tulungan nila ang kanilang sarili na maging mabuti nang sa ganun ay may maitutulong sila sa lipunan!!!!!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=8Bo-ZRb1Edg

  12. 12 john lourene samson

    welcome to few world……….
    and i must go to college,sometimes i was wrong
    because of fealure.i hope you tabangin me to support!

    thank you for being teacher for all student.

  13. 13 Ailyn reyes IV-bonifacio


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