My new friends at


This was a very busy week for me, doin a lot of work to my website. The website is uhm…. 90% complete I think. The links to different sections are complete so everybody can see all of those sections. It feels really good to accomplish that. What I’m doin right now is to troubleshoot for some errors and typos. I must admit that I didn’t do proof reading when posting and I am horrible at spelling and grammar. Glad no one will arrest me for that.

I wonder, how guys from caught up this website since I didn’t do SEO, (Hah! just to impress the noobs) or search engine optimization, to open it to the public. Anyway, these guys knew a lot about Davao City. Well, dinabaw signed my guestbook and he was happy. Just asking them if its okey to get infos from them. Dinabaw was kind enough to permit me of doing that. Dude, thanks a lot. Let’s promote Davao City to the world man because this place rocks!…….Oh! today I went there and read some posts, they mistakenly identified my website to one of their friends. That was funny…..well at least for me.

By the way, I was actively participating in the forum at Cebu vs Davao thread. Oh man, I don’t know what to say about those Cebuanos. One thing, they are just so full of themselves. I’ll just talk about that in the next post (since this blog looks desserted to me, so empty)………..Nah…this website is a baby people will come.


I don’t know how to insert smileys. Ugh!… I hate being a noob. Guys…help me out here.


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