Physics In Everyday Life


The government is trying hard to cope up with the advancement of technology. In my subject Physics for example, we were provided with a vcd copy of television episodes called “Physics in Everyday Life”. It is a show which discusses almost the entire lessons in the Physics curriculum. The major advantage of using that vcd is that it can showcase special effects, clippings and laboratory demonstration which you can never do when you only use pieces of chalk and black board. It also eases some teaching burden for the teacher since teachers can just stick one of those cds in the player then let the show explain everything about the lesson while she can just sit there, relax, watch the show together with the students and when the show is over, viola! done. Pretty cool huh.

I use those cds since last year and I am still using it now. What I am complaining though is that the show is pretty much boring. Students tend to be excited about the idea of watching it on tv but then after just a couple of minutes of playing, there they are sleeping like babies. The show is that boring.

Next time, I’ll be talking about the GILAS project. It’s all about the internet connection for our computers in the laboratory. For now, that is all I got to say.


One Response to “Physics In Everyday Life”

  1. 1 myrrh zyrine

    helloooo sir!!!!
    sir when you said that we student, have a viewing related in physics, at first we felt excited…but when we’ve got there in the del pilar’s room and started to watch the t.v…. we started to got boring because we dont feel the essence of listening the girl talking in the t.v and she kept on explaining and we dont what is that.. thats why we’ve got boring and our eyes also started to falling down because were sleepy na!!!!!..hehehehehehehehehe

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