It’s A Wrap! 6-day Film Shoot Ends


“I Come With The Rain” film shoot in Compostela Valley 

All is well that end’s well, after 6 days of filming our Hollywood guests were pretty much enjoying their stay in Mt. Diwalwal. Josh Hartnett can testify to the world that its safe here and its a good place to shoot movies. From what I’ve read, Josh even says there is nothing to fear and all he sees are happy people. By the way, there will be a scene that will feature Davao International Airport, great.

Thank you to all the staff and crew of this Hollywood project for trusting us. Hope more Hollywood films will be shot in Davao soon.

Links for News Articles about the Film Shoot:

Josh Hartnett treats film crews lechon
Hollywood Film to change Diwalwal’s Image
Josh Loves Mt. Diwalwal


One Response to “It’s A Wrap! 6-day Film Shoot Ends”

  1. wow, Im reading your blog and my father is reading the same blog on the HTC…i guess you’re famous… lol

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