Ma-a NHS Ready For Indak Indak


The MNHS dance troupe is gearing up for their participation of the DepEd sponsored Indak Indak sa Kadalanan dance contest during Kadayawan Festival. This time around, only dance troupes from Davao City are allowed to join the contest.

Kuya Sauro, the trainer of MNHS dance troupe, told me that the PTCA will cover all the expenses in their participation. It’s the fourth time the MNHS participated in the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan. In 2002, they placed 2nd in the Indigenous Dance Competition. What are the chances of winning for our entry this year? Kuya Sauro is not expecting much, “this is a revived dance troupe after it is disbanded 2 years ago and the dancers are young and inexperience” he said.

Participants will showcase their stuff at the major thoroughfares in the city this August 18 starting 8 in the morning.

Prizes at stake:
1st – P50,000
2nd – P30,000
3rd – P20,000

Good luck Guys!

They will represent Aeta tribe so they will be wearing body paint as costumes.

If they win they will add more musical instruments for the dance troupe.

Young dancers from Ma-a NHS, it is the first time since 2004 MNHS dance troupe participated in Indak Indak.

30 Responses to “Ma-a NHS Ready For Indak Indak”

  1. 1 j.r.barral

    sir….ook ka ayo sila,bagay ka ayo sila sir……….
    sir asa diay to sila nag pa picture sir?….. gwapo lagi to pag ka kuha…………… hahahahahahaha………….

  2. Barral na-a man ka diri nag post…. didto man unta sa IV-Del Pilar… pero ok lang… post pud mo diri kay atua man gihapon ni.

  3. 3 blezs... nice…I’m so proud of our dancers here in MNHS,because if they have a class during teir practice,”mas binigyan pa na nila ng panahon ang kanilang pag-sasayaw,kaysa sa pag-aaral.,”but I know they do that for our school.And all I can say,”DO YOUR BEST!!GUYZ…GOODLUCK!!!”I HOPE OUR SCHOOL WILL BE CHOOSEN AS THE WINNER!!!!

  4. 4 blezs...Frm IV-Rizal

    oNe dAY,wHen I sAw their pRactiCe,I really,reaLly pRoud of ThoSe sTuDeNTS who jOin THaT kiNd oF DanCE….gOoDLuCk!!!!gOdbLEss…..

  5. 5 marifel colarte

    Alam mo sir sa totoo di ako nagandahan sa moves or steps nla ang papangit…. Im sorry to say that sir but Im telling truth. but I wish na manalo sla pra rin skat ang skool ntin… dont be angry sir… hehehehehe…”

  6. 6 Aguilar

    Maa National High School joining the contest in Indak-Indak sa kadalanan in the Kadayawan Festival I wish they will win the contest(we will win the contest) and do there best. Last school year I’ve joined the dance troupe, we join the MIDF and many contest in davao and we have show in CAP but we did not joined the Indak-Indak sa kadalanan but now the Ma-a National High School have joined. I’m so proud that our school joined the Indak-Indak sa kadalanan. I hope we will win in the contest if we will not win still they do there best to perform. I will pray for them and God Bless them. Good Luck to them.

  7. 7 espellarga_ethyl@jp

    hello sir…….para sa mga MAA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TROUPE sana manalo sila kahit sa ilang linggo lang silang nag practice……..pero sana matagal na silang na silang nag practice para mas maganda yung moves nila…..mas magandang moves mas maganda…at kung maganda mas malaking pag-asang manalo…….GOODLUCK sa kanila…

  8. 8 Batilong

    I see they practicing in our school i think they have to practice more for they to win. There performance is not so good but still I’m proud because our school joined again the Indak-Indak sa kadalanan for the past 2 years. i hope they will win the contest. gud luk to them.

  9. 9 neknek

    Hay naku….. mas binigyan pa ng importansya ang sayaw kesa mag-aral. Maingay masyado ang mga drums nila istorbo sa klac. Pero gudluck na lang sa sabado kahit no chance manalo……

    sorry sir ayaw suko ha kay opinion lang man ni cia.

  10. 10 guanco

    Good luck to our dance troupe in our school!!Sana manalo sila at mgaing champion

  11. 11 Roldan A. Crausos Bonifacio

    hi’ sir…..para sa ako sir dapat gyud nila daugon kay kung muda-ug sila malaking karangal sa ating PA-ARALAN…….GOOD LUCK TO ALL……

  12. 12 michael gevera IV-bonifacio

    Iwill proud to be a one of students here in MNHS. There are so many talented student in here.
    ANG MASASABI KO LANG AY “GODD LUCK GIVE YOUR BEST” AT pray kayo always para manalo tayo!!!!!!
    by: wag kalimutang mag smile

  13. 13 Ailyn reyes IV-bonifacio

    masaya ako kasi maraming studyante na magagaling kahit saan aktibidadiiiiiis sa school….at proud din ako sa kanila…..sana sa indak2x makuha nila ang price at kung hindi man at least napakita nila ang kagalingan nila sa pagsayaw….GOOD LUCKKK……….MUAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH….


    Para sa kin kahit na hindi masyado magagaling,pero ginawa nila lahat ang kanilang makakaya,masaya na akong nakikita silang sumasayaw,kahit ganon lang yon pero pinag hirapan nilang sumasayaw na marami ang nanonood sa kanila.kaya para sa akin sila ay magagaling.

  15. 15 honey jane acopiado

    hi sir……
    ang masulti lang nako sa mnhs dance troup kay okey lang murag succesful man pud ilang practice so dili dapat sila magworry…….
    message pud nako sa ilaha just do it your best i know kaya na ninyo……aja aja
    god bless and gudluck….

  16. 16 fatima alivio

    ang masasabi kulang goodluck nalang sa inyong lahat…………….

  17. 17 Mary Grace Bero IV- Bonifacio

    Well.. sir all i can say is that ” gOod luck to MNHS Dance troupe!!!” I know they can do it (ajah). I just wish they will win because they are the MNHS’ pride.
    For the MNHS dancers “just give your very best we are just behind you! go go go, fight and bring home the bacon!”

  18. 18 Kyoshiro

    oist!!!!! you!!! LADY! Watz with the (ajah)??? your not korean” harhar! yeah i agree with the indakindak!! ^^V yeah! peace for you GIRL! Horay! T_T Kadayawan!!! he!he!he!he! kadayawan and watz with the bacon???? cg kay atung lutuon…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  19. 19 Amado Filip l. Del Mar IV-Bonifacio

    GO!Ma-a You should win this time… very well as in kimbot effect Gud bah! bhalag mabali ang bukog.he!he!he! just do it well let other’s school experience looses faith of winning……
    let other school knows the talents of ma-a had been stocked for a long time know it’s the time to revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 Amado Filip l. Del Mar IV-Bonifacio

    GO!Ma-a kadayawan indak-indak festival dancers You should win this time… very well as in kimbot effect Gud bah! bhalag mabali ang bukog.he!he!he! just do it well let other’s school experience looses faith of winning……
    let other school knows the talents of ma-a had been stocked for a long time “Now it’s the time to revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. goodluck and bring home the bacon.!!!

  22. 22 allan cordero IV-bonifacio

    i hope u will win..good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hello Happy Kadayawan..

    Kinsa nanalo?? heheh

  24. 24 allan dalogdog

    nice kaayo sila sir ba…. kay naka apil sa indak indak sa kadalanan idol kay nako sila sir

  25. 25 almera Tejada 4th bonifacio

    …………they perform nicely!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 jemelie delos santos

    hope so mas paghandaan pa nila ang event!!!!!!!!!halata kasi na hindi masyadong pinaghandaan!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. ang masasabi ko lang galingan ninyo nalang!!!!

  28. 28 joy

    helo.. galingan nu huh?! kc nuon.. tecarro ang nanalo.. ayaw palupig sa magallanes..haha,, taga tecarro diay kO.. go maa..!

  29. 29 Anonymous

    walay klaro

  30. 30 rocky

    Good day! I am one of the participant in Indak2x sa Kadalanan from Maa NHS. It waas way back 2003 and i was just a 1st year student yet so many moves I had learn. Sir Sauro for me is a very good and loving instructor. All he want is to teach his dancers how to dance, with appropriate emotions of course. Even the musicians, though the musicians don’t want to, still he wants them to learn the moves.

    By the way, there many factors affecting the performance of a dancer, not only for the dancer itself but as a whole group/troupe of dancers. I will just site those that are very important. These are some of the factors.

    Time. To have enough time would lead to good performance and enough preparation for the final dance.

    Focus. With great concentration to the stepping (with proper application of emotions) would also lead to good performance and catch the attention of the judges.

    Number of participants. Many participants would make the presentation better compare to lesser number. This is to divide the role of each character well without having a participant with two functions.

    Attitudes: Good attitude will help the instructor to teach and polish the dance steps well with the whole presentation as well.

    Good dancers: This means that the participant must have a good body movement and can memorize the stepping quickly and never forget it immediately.

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