Beautiful Dabawenyas


“The land of beauty and bounty”, I think that phrase best describe Davao. Literally, it is indeed the land of beauties since Davao is home to beautiful women in the planet. Here are my list of Dabawenya hotties and boy these girls got spunk and a little too feisty.

Lian Andrea Ramos


She is the Philippine representative to 2006 Miss Universe held in Los Angeles, USA. She bagged the Miss Photogenic award.

Valerie Garcia


This dabawenya first appeared on television in Close Up To Fame but its the show Let’s Go of ABS CBN that catapulted her to stardom. She plays the role of a shy kolehiyala in that particular show.

Cassandra Ponti


Cass survived countless eviction during her stint of the first edition of Pinoy Big Brother. A top rated reality show from ABS CBN Network. She eventually become one of the finalist.

Dawn Zulueta


Although she came from Manila and came here to shoot a TV soap opera, she instantly fell in love with Davao and then to a dabawenyo to finally decided to become a dabawenya herself.

Erich Gonzales


Hail from Sasa Davao City, this young dabawenya is a technical grand champion of the ABS CBN talent search Star Circle Quest by combining beauty and acting skills.

Iwa Moto


Born in Angeles but raised in Davao, half japanese Iwa Moto caught media attention when she was bitching and cursing in GMA’s Starstruck talent search. Today, she is one of the most succesful young star in Philippine showbiz.

Juliana Palermo


Davao’s Hiyas ng Kadayawan and Mutya ng Dabaw title holder, this controversial actress never fails to amazed people with her sensuality. She was considered to play a bit role as stripper opposite Josh Hartnett in Hollywood’s “I Come With The Rain” but eventually the role went to another sexy starlet.

Margie Moran


Declared as the most beautiful woman in the Universe in 1973, this Miss Universe title holder is a former manager of Pearl Farm beach resort in Samal and an active promoter of Davao tourism.


7 Responses to “Beautiful Dabawenyas”

  1. Nice collection you got here, nickilo! 🙂

    However, Ms. Margie isn’t the owner of Pearl Farm. She’s married to the scion of the owner. Still, the Pearl Farm was at its most glorious when she was managing it. Today, the resort is under Fuego, a Spanish hotel management group.

  2. Oh ok…. I stand corrected. Thnx for the update.

  3. No problem! Btw, you haven’t posted your “I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit!” article yet, have you? 😉

  4. I already did… its on page 2 already

  5. oh ok.. hehehe.. been checking too many blogs already tonight, i guess.. 🙂

    good nite!

  6. 6 Kyoshiro

    wow!!! OIST!!!!!!!!! GAWIN!!! CABLAYAN!!! gwapa kaau akong mga chicks noh!!! hahahahahaha!!! LOLZ! Suya! hahahah!! mga X nanako na sila karon kay nag bulag me! chick boy man GUD KO!!! hahahahahh! Gawin wala kay buot oI!! hahaha unsa mana TOBOL TOBOL TOBOL!!!! TOBOL NA TOBOL KA !!!!!! hahaha!! ang iyang spike! kay pang BABY! hahahaha! baby spiker! gusto ka pa didi>>??? LOLZ waahahahahh suyaa oi! unsa mana!sige lang og pa libre sa ako!! wala koy qwarta! unya Atikon kaau! ^^V ^^V ^^V Y_Y ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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