P50,000 For A Park’s Name


I was thinking that its name is already Davao Greenbelt Park but it turns out that it has no name yet. The newest theme park in the country is located at the heart of downtown Davao City. At present, it bares no name. In celebration of the Kadayawan Festival this year, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is giving away P50,000 cash for the lucky winner who could give a name to this beautiful park. For the meantime, let’s enjoy these pictures courtesy of Junaxx and friends from skyscrapercity.com Davao thread.


4 Responses to “P50,000 For A Park’s Name”

  1. I love your blog, nickilo! It promotes the city I love, and it’s very straightforward and clean. Congrats and more power!

  2. Thnx a lot…. I hope with this blog people will know more about Davao since there are lots of misconceptions specially peace and order situations.

  3. Yep! Keep up the good work, Nickilo. My own I-love-Davao blog is called Ang Dabawenyo. 🙂

  4. I’ll add you to my blogroll, since its getting late I just check your blog tomorrow if that’s ok. Thnx bro.

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