Davao City Slideshow


Why I like downtown Davao City?

  1. its clean
  2. its orderly
  3. no traffic, OK maybe some occasional buildups but most of the time traffic is as smooth as silk
  4. sidewalks aren’t choked with vendors
  5. its bustling
  6. its safe

I could think of a hundred reasons why and guys all are IMHO so no need to argue if you don’t agree…… here is my slideshow by the way, enjoy.


4 Responses to “Davao City Slideshow”

  1. You’re really doing a great service for Davao, nickilo!

    Please submit your blog(s) to the Davao Blogs Directory ok? http://dir.davaoblogs.com

  2. no prob blogie

  3. hi sir,
    u know sir its so nice………..

  4. 4 henrybloom

    and ur nice too…

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