IV – Del Pilar Has A New Wall Fan


Two of my students and I went downtown today to buy a wall fan (our homeroom PGA project).

9:15 a.m.

This is the Golden Bell, it is beside Apo View Hotel and it is the store where we are going to buy our new wall fan.

These are my students who were with me when we purchase our wall fan. Saguenza (girl) and Naim (boy) were waiting for the store to open. We arrived there too early because we are so excited.

9:45 a.m.

They finally get to see lots of electric fans with different varieties. But, we are looking for the cheapest wall fan. Naim suggested that it should be the cheapest because its just the same air so it doesn’t matter wether it is expensive or not (good point). 

10:00 a.m.

The salesman, Saguenza, and Naim striked a pose after choosing the cheapest wall fan. It will be installed into our room the soonest possible time. Next week, we are going to buy another one. Sana aircon na lang hehe….. yung wall fan nga cheapest na aircon pa.


28 Responses to “IV – Del Pilar Has A New Wall Fan”

  1. 1 ronnie joy chagas

    Sir…..Char kaau ang mga classmate namo oi….pero nc kaau ang pagkakuha sir…sunod noon sir kay kami sad maapil…. 🙂 wafo kaau sir (charmuse) (:

  2. Lagi…. ayaw mog kainggit oist
    Naa may cam ang cell ni Naim…. hala pa picture mo tuman sa tanang higayun unya post natu diri ok para sikat.

  3. 3 norberto guanco

    sir…..Nc kaau sir….kapa akay ang pagkakuha sa mga pics sir….kapa sab kaau sir ba kay sunud-sunod kaau ang pag ka kuha sir…nc kay sab ang pag ka detail…. IV-DEL PILAR™ :Ð ^_^

  4. 4 samy naim

    SIR…CUTE KAAU ANG ATONG MGA PICS (CHAR KAAU)… Ingon nila sir kay magpapapics sab sila para mo sikat…. Char….{“.}<——-ikaw na sya sir{+_+}<——-ako ni sir…….sanguenza og ako kay cute sa pic

  5. He he LOLz Ski…. asa naman ang uban kay naghulat na ko?

  6. 6 jacqueline pajares

    hi…. sir…. bagay na bgay cLa naim @ c sanguenza… sir sana 3 electric fan aNg bnili nnyO…. heheheheh… have a niCe day….

  7. 3 bitaw pero hulaton natu mo bayad ang uban… basig magsalig cla kay napalit na.

  8. 8 jhonnel Yecyec

    sir bagay sila duha..wala lage ka nagjoin sa picture sir.sunod sir uban ko haha.mora sila og uyab sir joke lng………….

  9. 9 allan R.Dalogdog

    sir angayan silang dowa mag model sa wall fan bagay pajud silang dowa na a nasay bagong love team sa eskwelahan sa section del pilar

    gwapo najud ang room kay naa nay wallfan dele na egang sa room

  10. 10 Dominador Leopoldo

    sir ayos jud kaayo ang Fan, kay mabunayan n jud
    ang atong Room.dili n kaayo igang sir we love you

  11. 11 jennifer sanguenza

    HELLO…..sir….wafo au ang pics oi pero mura magblard ang pagkakuha oi….pero ok lng life must be goes on….. ^_^

  12. 12 Arlene Doble

    sir nice kaayo ang pictures thank you sir kay di na kaayo igang……..

  13. 13 jennifer mapute

    sir….naghulat gyud mo nila naim sa golden bell…..pero that`s ol right kay magkawallfan…. ^_-

  14. 14 jennifer samson

    charot au sir!!!!char kay pagkakuha sa akong fwend sir….IT`S so very nice (“.)(.”)

  15. 15 arlene doble

    Sir!!!!love kay kanamu kay mahimu ng dili igang ang klasrom sir….pero nice kay ang pag ka detalye about this page sir

  16. 16 jose gabriel balagot

    sir…….cute kaau mga picture!!!!!

  17. yeheyyyy,,4 del pilar has a new WALL FAN at last di na jud super IGANG,,.,/sir your blog is so very nice promice,,;’ hehehe,,.,.i luv it,,and super ganda2x c jennifer,at naim,,..,.perfect combination…hehehe..,/and thnk u 4 all da effort youve done 2 4 del pilar,,although sometimes were so very hardheaded,,./,
    but sirr,./ were so very prud na kw yung na advicer namin,,./,hehehe/.,

    THK U,,.,/.;’

  18. 18 jhorey dagohoy

    sir suya kay miato sir sunod mopalit mog bintilador kuyog mi sir para kami na pud ang

  19. 19 Ginillo Quiban

    Sir, ang gwapo ng pagka kuha ng picture.

  20. 20 denbert Maglasang

    Sir, pagkaanindot sa duha ka pupils nimo sir. sunod kami na pud sir.

  21. lows!!!!!…gnda ng pic….at sa wkas may fan na kmi!!!!…

  22. h!!!!s….sir!!!nfernes gnda ng pic sir!!!wel gnda q pla!!!!charrr!!!!…naa n jud!!!fan!!!

  23. 23 maricel labora

    He…He..pacute kyo C Naim…mao tgal open ang store kc andon c naim He…. tgal nman mkapili kng ako pa pnili ni sir n sumama…s knila ako andito….he,.he,,;;.joke lng ….bstah …ang ganda….cge na….bye..

  24. 24 Jerod Lemindog IV-DEL PILAR


  25. 25 marichu velasquez

    sir…apil pud unta ka og pakuha og picture sir.Si naim sir ba pa cute kaayo may pag si sanguenza na lang to sir ang nag pa picture. char…. atik lng….GOD BLESS….

  26. sir apil pud unta ka og pa picture…si naim sir ba pacute kaayo….char atik lng…..GOD BLESS….

  27. 27 robert dabokol

    mga pangit

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