King Durian Rulez!


Stench Exposed!…….The durian fruit looks like a giant larvae out from its cocoon.

The very essence of Kadayawan Festival is thanking nature for its gifts and the good life, to celebrate the bountiful harvest. Speaking of harvest, Davao’s streets are stinking. Floods of this so called king are everywhere, heck its even in my next door neighbor’s sari sari store. I am saying that its durian season already and you can’t escape from seeing and eating this overhype fruit everywhere in the city.

Do you know how expensive this fruit is? But, prices are going down because of the oversupply. This year’s good weather could be the reason for the upscale production. Dabawenyos maybe sick of eating it already IMO (since I am not a fan of that fruit anyway) but durian has quite a huge following. So to all durian lovers, its your chance to buy this king of fruits at a lower price and savor the taste of that stinky fruit meat. You might need it for a little push at night since its considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Durian is being promoted in SM City Cebu and Mall of Asia in Manila this year. Most durians are being consumed locally and it is being considered for finding some niche market outside of Mindanao. 


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