Indak Indak Takes Off Saturday


The grandest event that will grace during Davao’s Kadayawan Festival is the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan. This dance competition is being participated by the best dance troupes all over the city. This event will highlight the colorful dances and costumes of the different tribes living in Davao City. Both tourists and locals await this grand event that will finally be taking off tomorrow in major thoroughfares downtown.

Enjoy watching these videos from

This is the Surigao City dance troupe, winner of  last year’s Indak Indak sa Kadalanan at San Pedro Street, Davao City. This year, only dance troupes from Davao City is allowed to join the dance contest. 

I like this promotional add of the Kadayawan Festival 2003. I wonder nobody comes up with this kind of add this year. The add simply captures the essence of the Davao tribes and the music sends shiver down my spine.


5 Responses to “Indak Indak Takes Off Saturday”

  1. 1 ginalyn elan

    maa national high school join the kadayawan festival and they perform it nicely…they do their best to win the contest…….CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 fatima alivio

    hi sir!!!good eve!!! i see you at GS mall…even if they have not practise very well.i proud of it because they do their best to join the contest…there are so many contestant join the kadayawan but the maa national high school is the best for me…charut2x
    kahit na mainit pumunta pa rin ako para manood ng kadayawan….

  3. 3 jemelie delos santos.....4th bonifacio

    i am very happy about this indak- indak because they perform nicely although we did not win!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!

    -jemelie from bonifacio-

  4. 4 guanco

    SIR…maingon gyud na ang estyudante sa maa kay kusugmuguba ug mga gamit na dili ila!!!!!sana na mastop na sya no!!!pra ma pa wafo ang maa….

  5. 5 Rodelaina Mae Ganar

    hi,,,good evening sir,,,,,,,,,,,, by the way,,, win or lose man yung mga participants natin still proud pa rin sa kanila,,coz i know na ginawa nila ang kanilang best. Kahit na kulang yung budget ng school sa ganyang mga activity,nagawan pa rin nila ng paraan upang makasali sa competition…I’M very PROUD of them!!!!!!! and God bless and good luck to their group.

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