DA’s P2 Million Investments for Bagsakan Centers


This is a cold storage facility:

Something like this will be at Bankerohan and Agdao public market for storing farm produce.

The Department of Agriculture will invests P2 million for developing “bagsakan centers” in Davao City. DA Davao agri-business chief Mirope Lamsen said the agency is allocating P1 million for each center as this will have a cold storage facility. That means P1 million each for the designated “bagsakan centers” namely Bankerohan and Agdao public market. Agdao center will serve as the region’s distribution point where vegetable and fruit producers can bring their produce for direct selling.

Advantages of having Bagsakan Center facilities:

  • help maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables delivered to the centers.
  • help minimize layers in the marketing chain since agricultural producers can deliver there and directly sell to customers harvest from their farms.
  • minimize produce mishandling.

Operational Management: Vegetable Industry Council of Southern Mindanao (VICSMIN)
Awards/Credentials: winner Huwarang Palengke’ or Model Market national search (2006)
President: Roger Gualberto

Objectives according to VICSMIN President:

  1. Clustering production protocols, logistics and marketing strategies will help farmers meet quality and volume requirements of institutional buyers and processors.
  2. Improving market access and promoting good agricultural practices to help the region’s small farmers become more competitive.
  3. Studying the region’s market to determine its capacity, volume and quality of vegetable and fruit production.

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One Response to “DA’s P2 Million Investments for Bagsakan Centers”

  1. The project actually costing P5 million and its for the entire Davao Region including the province of Davao del Sur and Davao del Norte. I just featured the city of Davao exclusively hence P2 million.

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