Whitewater Rafting In Davao City


Davao City is a favorite destination for adventure seekers both domestic and foreign. With 244,000 hectars of land area, there is so much to explore one could ever imagine.The prominent landmark in the city’s landscape is the Davao river considered as one of the best river for whitewater rafting in Mindanao. With numerous rapids to conquer, this is one of the outdoor adventure in the city that is growing popularity every year. Droves of tourists are lured in that river ready to take the challenge.

Okey, I have never done this rafting thing before. But, since I am a local boy let these visitors try it first. This river that they all went crazy about, well it’s just about 2 kilometers away from my residence. Considering how lucky I am living in this wonderful city in Mindanao.

I got this video from youtube.com and this people seems to be having a lot of fun. The rapids looks dangerous but its a good challenge for those people in this video. I heard that there are almost 30 rapids to conquer. Wow! It’s gonna be a BLAST!


2 Responses to “Whitewater Rafting In Davao City”

  1. what a great adventure ^_^..i see the picture of brown water from the river, i like it even more because it just mean that the water is more challenging.. ^_^ hehehe

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