The Majestic Philippine Eagle


Hey guys! guess what I found in youtube….. some very nice videos of Davao’s Philippine Eagle. This first video is really awesome, it show the majestic eagle in the wild. The last part of the video looks like it caught a fish but actually it is a monkey’s tail. Take a look at this cool video:

Ha ha ha, I just read one comment in youtube telling how amazed he was upon seeing the eagle. He describes the eagle like the “supermodel” of eagles, now that was funny but so true.

The second video is about the competent staff of Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) who are attempting to save a family of eagles in the wild. They heard reports about an eagle being killed by pouchers so they immediately went to the site and locate the nest of that eagles family. They were there studying the eagles behaviour and learning how to save them. The eagles in this video are not captive but a real life wild Philippine Eagle in Mindanao’s forest.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, you can see captive eagles at The Eagle Park in Malagos Calinan, Davao City. Help save The Philippine Eagles! 😉


One Response to “The Majestic Philippine Eagle”

  1. 1 warriorgani

    The second video was actually about a group of young biologists who will be observing the eagles and its way of caring their younglings. The biologist said they will continue observing the eagles until the eagle chick becomes an adult and ready to fly out from the nest. Many informations from this experiment will be use to preserve the eagles. It is actually located in the forest adjacent to Davao City in the province of Bukidnon.

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