The Kadayawan Festival 2007


This August saw a very successful staging of the “Kadayawan Festival”. I was everywhere in Davao during the celebration and everywhere I go there were so many people enjoying the festivities. I saw many foreigners both chinks and caucasian in all parts of the city and they were enjoying with the locals having a great time. Buses from nearby provinces as far as Cotabato City were parked into many streets signifying people from other provinces are also joining the party. Malls are packed and Manila artists provided entertainment to the festive crowd. Kudos also to the police and military personels who are safegaurding the peace and order. It was a great celebration and I am looking forward for another Kadayawan Festival next year.

Photos of 2007 Kadayawan Festival

Thanks to SSC forumers namely kulaskusgan, peng hok, reancorbz84 and to others whom I can’t remember for posting these beautiful photos.


3 Responses to “The Kadayawan Festival 2007”

  1. 1 gandamiss

    hi! i read your post in PEX and i was hoping you could help me plan the 30th wedding anniversary gift to my parents on sept.20

    here’s the tentative itinerary:
    day 1 – airport to pearl farm (ON or daytour)
    day 2 – check-in at crown regency then malagos, phil.eagle, praque shrine,da aldevinco, etc
    day 3 – eden then airport

    would you recommend getting a packaged tour for the day 2 and 3 or will they have an easy time getting around, will it be cheaper or more expensive that way?
    the ON stay at pearl farm is around 8k, is it worth it or would an island hopping be more enjoyable

    am not sure of the distance of the places from the city but is the itinerary feasible
    if they cut on the pearl farm budget, they may extend another day and enjoy more sites at a relaxed pace. it is their first time in mindanao. what would you recommend?
    thanks so much for your help

  2. 2 nickilo

    Hi…… I have a 3-day convention in Outland Adventure Camp…. I’ll email you this Sunday if thats ok with you…..

  3. 3 edgar

    Wat a nice picture ang asim ng mukha!!jejejejeejejejejej!!!!!!!!!!!™

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