Getting Rid of Spaghetti Wires


2 Blasts disrupts Indak Indak during Kadayawan 

Two blasts disrupted the culmination of festivities at the Kadayawan sa Dabaw over the weekend, but the causes were traced not to terrorism but to parade props going haywire. Sun.Star Davao reported Monday that the props tripped off the power lines, causing revelers to scuttle near Rizal Park on Saturday and Sunday.

Traffic signalization delay 

Meanwhile, It’s not just the unexpected collapse of the Generoso Bridge 1 that is causing the delay in the full implementation of the first phase of the city’s traffic signalization program. But the greater cause of delay are the still-standing posts of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and Bayantel along road islands that should have been redesigned to allow space for vehicles to maneuver in while taking a turn.

IMHO on overhead cables

These overhead cables are not only unsightly but also becoming more dangerous and hinders Davao’s future developments. Here are reasons why I think it should be buried underground.

  1. safer, stabler and easy to maintain
  2. less vulnerable to lightning and collapse
  3. removal of a tangled overhead electrical grid would improve the appearance of the city
  4. reduce if not eradicate wire theft
  5. cheaper maintenance costs
  6. elliminate wirings near trees that could post danger
  7. it lessens the exposure of electro magnetic fields that could caused cancer to people

The view of beautiful Mandaya Hotel building is ruined by those ugly spaghetti wires. Cluttered hanging cables is evident in every Philippine cities. (photo by TJ_Brewed)

I do hope that someday our local government would consider the idea of burying our cables underground. Without those wires above, the city will look more beautiful, cleaner and make our buildings look good in photos. Davao will hold the title as the first city in the Philippines free from jumbled overhead wires.

Paris without wires.  Streets were decorated with slick designed lamp posts. It’s clean and very nice to see. (

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5 Responses to “Getting Rid of Spaghetti Wires”

  1. that means rewiring whole of davao city not to mention the costs involved, nevertheless its an investment in the long term, cleaner, safer, neat.. heheh

  2. pwede man hinay hinayan…. sa Vietnam kay murag upto 2015 (not sure) ang process para ma-complete nila ang underground cables sa Ho Chi Minh City. Dugay pero kung hinay hinayan ug sugud kay mahuman ra jud kaysa naman dili molihuk. Ug na-a jud cla plano nga pagwapohun nila ilang city. Haaaaay! kalami unta kung matinuod guapo na jud kaau ang ciudad kung wala na nang mga wires diha sa taas, picture picture dayun sa maski asang dalan kay guapo jud ang palibot.

    BTW…. i talked about that matter to a DLPC insider and they were really thinking of burying those wires long time na. But it has to be all the companies who’s putting those wires that must agree to the idea lyk PLDT, Bayantel etc. kasi kung DLPC lang kay dili pwede, dapat tanan jud cla….. that is according to the insider whom I talked to. Sayang…….

  3. ngano daw na dapat tanan?

  4. Ambot wala ko ka pangutana….. bitaw no?

  5. 5 aldwin

    dapat sila tanan kay alangag ang dlpc ray mu.gasto sa pagpa lubong anang mga pansit nga itom dra? hahai.

    nabuang nanag mga datua na ba…wla sila nag huna.huna sa mga pobre. kalooy pud natoh oie. hehehe

    kung di nila na ilubong ang mga wires, sila nlng pagpa lubong eh,.

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