Riverfront Drag Race


The business park inside Riverfront Corporate City in Ma-a is a favorite venue for drag racing events in Davao City. Racers, not only from Davao but also from other cities in the Philippines, gathered here in this vast empty real estate to showcase their hot race cars ready to burn rubber.People often come by and witness these exciting drag racing action. Spectators will see many varieties of race cars of different colors and design. But of course you will be delighted to see these cars in action speeding its way to finish line from the Speed City Race Track of Davao’s future business district. I believe that these events will not last long, drag racing will be gone in two to three years once buildings will start erecting in that area.

Riverfront Corporate City has no high rise structures standing until today because lot buyers need to wait 5 years for them to start constructing. However, a school and a sports complex is already under construction. By next year, a shopping mall will also rise in that area. At present, there is an existing Crocodile Park which is a must see tourist attraction when you’re in Davao.



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