Davao Leads Wifi Access in Mindanao


Coffee shops are sprouting everywhere in Davao City. It is becoming more like New York where coffee drinking is a way of life. Anyway, if you see a coffee shop in Davao, chances are it is a wifi hotspot establishment. Davao boasts of having the most number of shops with wifi features in Mindanao. From Mindanao Blog, the site gives us a list of wifi hotspots in every city in Mindanao.


With a total of 45 wifi hotspots (and counting) listed in Davao, it catapulted the city as the undisputed number one in Mindanao. Funny, that number would easily increase in real time considering how every shops in the city are crazy over joining the bandwagon. That’s good news to laptop owners. 

These dabawenyos are enjoying the wifi features of the restaurant (riajose.wordpress.com)


6 Responses to “Davao Leads Wifi Access in Mindanao”

  1. apila na ang davao city division pud kay naa pud mi hotspot.. heheh


  2. talaga? sosyal…… ok number up by 1 and now at 46….. COOL! 😉

  3. check http://www.davaohotspots.com for a list of hotspots.

  4. 4 ren

    How bout you post a blog about the coffee shops in davao. Where they are located, what’s the ambience of the shop, what’s their specialty, and their ratings! That would be much appreciated! Just a suggestion!

    Cool site!

  5. okey…. though ‘i’m not much of a coffee drinker but i’ll try posting some.

  6. yes! that wud be nice… a coffee shop review site! that wud be of great help to different coffeeholic Mindanaoans of different tastes… =)

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