My Idol: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte


It is very fortunate for dabawenyos to have a good leader by the name of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. He may have his flaws but he is the best person to lead Davao in its pursuit of progress.Some may think he’s got an attitude, but he is a man who speaks in behalf of his people and that is what he only speak for. He doesn’t care much of diplomacy, one example is the infamous in your face speech during 2006 ATF, but he cares more to his people. Reports said people cringing in their seats when listening to that speech but what he shows to us is his honesty and the truth. That is something that someone should have said but have no guts to say it and then a person by the name of Duterte singlehandedly got the nerves to do it.

Human rights cried foul on DDS killings, but the facts about his involvement is still a mystery, nonetheless the city is the safest place to live and to visit than anywhere else in Philippines.

I hate it when Manila media call him the second Mayor Lim, “cough” excuse me, he is not acting to be somebody puhleeeezzzz you media people from Manila. You are so into showbiz mentality for crying out loud, Duterte don’t mark houses with “X” or “whatever” complete with all the media cameras pointing at him just to fight drugs. Ewwwww….. do you get my point?

Mayor Duterte, I am your avid fan and I like the way you run the local government. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte…. the only Mayor in the Philippines who can successfully implement anti-smoking ordinance.

What Mayor Duterte wants, he surely gets…… Davao is the only city who follows firecracker ban during christmas and new year celebration. Unlike in Manila and other cities in Philippines where many greeted the New Year with blasted body parts particularly the hands, new year in Davao is greeted with prayers and with families. Its safe to go out during New Year not worrying about those dangerous firecrackers while on the streets.

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4 Responses to “My Idol: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte”

  1. 1 even

    Yes for the past years now since the mayor banned the use of firecrackers I truly enjoyed the holidays.I can go out on the streets.Before I just stay indoor and believe it or not i always bring with me a pillow to cover my ears and my head.How I dread the times when people start to buy these things in preparation for the occassion.Salamat na lang with my idol banning it my nightmares are gone…..

  2. 2 aiban

    first and foremost, you got a cool site! keep it up!

    I’ve got mixed reaction on banning firecrackers/fireworks in Davao city. Even though it is much safer to ban those kinds of things especially on holidays but we’ve been used to the fact that firecrackers/fireworks are part of the essence of Christmas or New Year. Im not judging him on banning those things coz I haven’t been to Davao for about 3 yrs now and I have no idea what’s goin on but at least, he could bring back that special part of holidays(which is fireworks) in the city. Maybe he could create and support a special event once a year(on New Year’s Eve) to do some fireworks up in the sky were everyone in davao could see![Like for example, Disney world or disneyland! Disney has this 15min fireworks everynight!] Wouldn’t that be awesome?!



  3. fireworks/firecrackers doesnt have a part of christmas. thats why from the title itself “silent night” at the time of christ birth, theres no fireworks or any loud sounds.

    so we must respect christmas with prayer and silence!!

  4. 4 no3L

    it’s not a total ban though. use of firecrackers/fireworks is still possible with the permission from the government as i have known.

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