MNHS’ Beautiful Fountain


The beautiful fountain inside Ma-a National High School campus

At the center of Ma-a National High School’s campus is the fountain, a very nice place and the school’s big attraction for visitors. The fountain in the center of the pond was constructed way back late 90’s during Mrs. Aida Cloma’s reign as the principal. 

School kids like to play in the pond. The water lilies are nice in this pic. 

The curved bridge looks fancy but a bit quite slippery when wet. The only thing I don’t like about that area is that it becomes the breeding place for mosquitoes. There are lots of big mosquitoes in our campus and my hunch is that the area is where the proliferation takes place. I remember there were many “tilapia” in that pond but its all gone now. The fishes either died or it was fished out till nothing is left.

The water in that pond is coming from a natural spring water that never dries up. From the pond, it will continue to flow through the canal stretch till it reaches the big creek already outside the campus area.

IV- Jacinto Loves To Hangout In The Pond





13 Responses to “MNHS’ Beautiful Fountain”

  1. 1 edgar mariñas Jr.

    Sir!very thank you sir dahil kami ang napili mong kuha-an ng picture at pina drawing mo pa kami!

  2. 2 1st SPIKER #11

    Sir, hawoda jud nimo sir!!!! idol jud tika sir vahh! puwede naka ka iparehas kay “BELO” na muritukihay . Sir ur da best super you a “TE! MABATO PA KAMO KAY SIR”

  3. 3 Anonymous

    gwapo jud sa atong fishpond sir oy,daghay bake heheh..

  4. 4 harlene gonzales

    guapoha jud sa atong fish fond sir oi……

  5. 5 shaynee sarenas

    hi sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gwapo kaa u ang atong fauntain sir!!!!!!!!kay daghan kaau nagalangoy na mga baki!!!!!!!!!!!!!sa tubig hahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!lingaw kaau tanawon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    og unta sir napoy nagalimpiyo sa fauntain natu para gwapo kaau!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 shaynee sarenas

    4th bonifacio!!!!!

  7. 7 gonzales,harlene/IV-jacinto

    hi sir,,ang aking masasabi sa ating fish fond ay mganda…

  8. 8 aileen

    hi siRR!! college naH jUD mi>> hehehe.. nyz jUd eU A2 fiShponD siR oi!! daghag baki” hehe.. dAgHan pUd butETe!! hahaha.. nyz bLog siRR>> asEnso n jUd k siRR hAh!! goGogO.. bonGga n aU c siRr dUh@!??? i loVe iT>>>

  9. 9 darlene hepgano

    hi maa high,

    i miz maa national high school na super….
    pwede poh mag-reunion naman ang maa high…young alumni vah…mingaw na au namo ang maa high campus and klasmate uie….daghan na ng-bago..heheeh..

    i am batch 20005 graduate….

    hope mag-alumni reunion pud uie para bibo

  10. 10 mhea repollo

    Maa National High School campus is not maintained as of this time….Sayang!!! Hope there would be a project that initiates restoration of that beautiful pond and the “Bring Back the Birds” looking forward on that…anyway I already told my mom about it….Mrs. Nessa Villarosa Daniels…hi mom!

  11. 11 Anonymous

    ka yaot lge . .ahahaha

  12. 12 jovito bete jr.

    hi,,,,,,its nice to see all the changes it looks good and pleasant to be there with my kids……im mr.jovito v.bete jr.batch 94

  13. it’s been 3 years since i graduated there… and last thing i remembered about that place is our teacher maam Fernandez fell down there… and oh… that’s a nice memory… hehehe i miss this… place… … hope to be back soon… batch 2014…

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