Help Us Name Davao City’s New Park



Today my friends and I went to the newest theme park of Davao City to submit our entry for the “Name The New Park Contest” of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

This is the official announcement from the Park’s Management office:

Davao City’s new park will be unveiled in December 2007 and we need your help to name it! The almost 4 hectar urban park is located in the downtown area across the Apo View Hotel and the Casa Leticia, and truly a place to visit relax enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature. The nature theme park and biodiversity conservation facility has miniature rainforest, a children’s playground, a jogging trail, a great picnic area with water features, an interactive fountain, a durian dome visitor’s center, and many beautiful areas for personal recreation or even small events.

Overall the downtown park is unique and one of its kind located as it is at the heart of the city and offers a vibrant combination of green space amidst the daily urban activities.



Name the park selection committe will select the best entry that reflects the spirit and uniqueness of the new park. The person with the winning entry will be:

  1. duly recognize by the Office of the City Mayor as the contest winner at the Grand Opening of the park on December, 2007 and will recieve a Grand Prize of P50,000
  2. a Plaque of Appreciation of the City Government of Davao.




The winning entry will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • It must reflect the spirit and uniqueness of the park.
  • It must position the park and its amenities in the hearts and minds of the dabawenyos, its guests and visitors.
  • It must have Marketing and branding materials.
  • It must represent truly the people of Davao and its culture and history.
  • It must be an easy to remember Park name

All entries must be submitted before September 10, 2007

I hope me or one of us will win but I’m afraid I might not be able to handle the instant celebrity status. On a brighter note, I will be remembered forever as the person who gave the world class park its cool name and P50,000 richer. Good luck…….. 😉





4 Responses to “Help Us Name Davao City’s New Park”

  1. 1 arlene doble

    hello sir!

  2. hello pud

    busy ka sigeg browse so blog ahhhh….
    hope you enjoyed your visit here…. just scan for some cool articles posted kasi enjoy xa basahin……

    keep reading ok….take care and study hard

  3. Davao based peeps! I need your help. Who got the contact information of the park’s admin or city administrator.

    I’ve heard that Kublai will no longer finish his works at the park as the PTA supervisor decided to fill the park with Disney characters and cement flowers instead of real ones to save themselves from watering it.

    If such plan would be pursued, we are looking at a future disaster. We are envisioning this city park to depict what Davao is. Not to be just another ordinary park. Our taxes are being utilized for this project so this means that we…Dabawenyos, should have a say to this park.

    Would u rather have another ordinary park with disney characters and cement flowers? Or let them continue what they have started, have a park which is world class and original. Davao’s future landmark is at stake guys! So pls…speak up. Since u are based in Davao now, let the city administrator and park supervisor hear your voices.

    I believe that there is always two sides of every stories. I hope that they (the park supervisor and planners) can explain what they have in mind.

  4. 4 jorge macalam

    Dapat jan s “DAVAO’S NATURE PARK”

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