The Amazing Crocodile Park






I really enjoyed my visit to the Crocodile Park located inside the Riverfront Corporate City in Diversion Road Ma-a. The place is very nice and for a park that features varieties of crocodiles, it looks very modern. The facilities are top notch and maintenance is A OK. The park also features lots of different kinds of animals making it more like a zoo. But still the crocodiles will remain as favorite from guests and that includes me. 

The Facilities





When I was there, I observed that everyone are enjoying the park too. Cameras wether conventional, from cell phones and the digitals just won’t stop clicking because visitors cannot resist from taking pictures of those magnificent exhibits of rare animals. Too bad because when I was about to leave the place, they are having this Safari Nights in the evening. People seems to flock in the park when dusk which means the fun is just getting started as the night approaches. Crocodile Park really is a very cool place. 

Other Animals











6 Responses to “The Amazing Crocodile Park”

  1. 1 marc james™†™×

    ang masasabi ko malalaki ang mga crocodile at mababangis ang ganda ng pagkuha ng pics mo sir ikaw ang no.1 hehehhehehe ito lng ang masasabi ko.

    From marc james padilla IV-Jacinto×

  2. 2 leslie detros

    first of all sir maganndang hapon poh sa inyo!!!para ho sa akin sir ang masasabi ko sa mga pic mo ay masayadong malalaki ang mga hayop at parang nakakatakot tingnan char lang!!!jejejeje galing nyo naman sir….pero kahit na nakakatakot sir maganda naman siya sir.×

  3. 3 Yecyec

    hi sir!!! gwapoha jud koha ang imong cel oi!!

  4. 4 bLEsZ_IV

    …wOw..phiL.tLgah!wOw dAvAo ciTy…ALL tHe cROcoDILE ArE SO vERy big & scaRY..wHEN I SeE ThE CroCoDiLe,Im so very exite,bEcAuSE I WaNt tO sEe hOw TheY MOvE & WHAT THEY CAN DO…sIr?why your so good in getting pic?for me your so very professional photographer…jejejeje…i Hope YOU wILL BE dIsCoVeR aRoUnD ThE WorLd…GoOd JoB sIr…kEeP uP thE gOod WoRk!!!!!!

  5. 5 aileen

    gudeve sir!! nice shots sir.. as i remember, the last time i went to cricodile park, i think im in kinder2. but as i have seen the photos, i was amazed because the crocodile park now is so beautiful… and i want to go there!! i really, really loved your photos sir!! i was thinking that if your not a teacher, you are a fantastic photographer?! keep up the good work sir!! god bless!..>

  1. 1 shepherd hills cutlery branson

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