The River Walk Grill: A Resto With A View





This restaurant is just beside the Davao River, The Crocodile Park and inside the Riverfront Corporate City. It’s building is built on the River Bank with dining hall that offers a commanding view of the river. The river at the resto’s point of location is already silted so the water is not crystal clear but muddy and having a light brown color (though the place still captures a great view nonetheless).

The resto’s specialty are grills, BBQ etc. and what I like about the place is the service and their unique ambiance. Their pork barbeque, chicken barbeque and pork chop tasted so good and the price is so affordable making your feast more enjoyable. If your hunger is unsatiable, then you can ask the waiter for another cup of rice because rice here is unlimited.

The River Walk Grill has developed a reputation for hosting social events ranging from custom holiday parties, to birthday parties, all made to run just the way you’d like. They also offer customized facilities depending on the social events such that the event will run smooth and become successful.  


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