China Town in Davao City


Vice Mayor Inday Duterte with the City Council unveils the 2nd proposed Chinese Arch in Davao City.

Davao China Town’s first arch along Uyaguren Street is finally taking shape. 

From: jade_EMPEROR ( Forum) 

Tsinoys in Davao dominates the business sector and the economy its just like anyware else in the country. Davao tsinoys are regarded as first class citizens. They are huge hardware owners, Mall owners, politicians and name it Davao tsinoy have it! Davao also have many nice temples both Buddisht and Taoist.

Davao City and the Chinese community is very active during Chinese holidays (spring fest, moon cake fest and even the tomb sweeping day). Davao also have four Chinese schools (pre-schools to high school) and a Chinese college, it also have daily Chinese publications. Right now, there is an ongoing project called “China Town” and Davao’s main Chinese district street signs are in Chinese due to high rate of CHINA man migration. Last December alone, 1000 mainlanders became Dabawenyo citizens!!! 

Davao’s Chinese Pre-school to High school

1.) Namao tsong hua tsong Oh (Davao Central High School)
2.) SMAD (Stella Marise Academy)
3.) Davao Christian High school
4.) Long Hua Xie Xie Hao ( SAKYA ACADEMY)*

Davao’s Chinese College

1.) Colegio de San Ignasio (chinese operated intitution with chinese lessons)

*The Academy of Sakya is a Buhhist oriented Chinese school it is quoted to be the top Chinese school as of today in terms of Mandarin and Budhist teachings. It is located at the Long Hua temple along Cabagiu Ave. run by the budhist monks and Mrs. Janice Limso the school principal.

Davao’s Chinese Temples

1.) Bell church (taoist) …..B.O Obrero
2.) Mindanao Taoist Temple…. RVA Village along Cabagiu ave.
3.) Phil. Yuan Ming Tao Sanctuary ……..B.O Obrero
4.) Santiago Church (taoist)….. J.P Laurel ave.
5.) Po lian Temple…..besides the VENUE
6.) Long Hua temple….. Cabagiu Ave.

..and a lot more family organizational temples that doted the chinese district area.


2 Responses to “China Town in Davao City”

  1. 1 Mr. Gregory Yu

    My special thanks to Master Co of Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple who use to offer free consultation service at Long Hua Temple Davao as he is the one who help improve my business and also the one who help me win the jackpot in lotto.

  2. 2 Benjie Dael

    ill try to visit those Temples soon.

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