The Flooding of Durian


Fresh durians coming from the farm are unloaded in the city proper for consumption.  

The peak season for durian is evident in Davao City these days. No matter where you laid your eyes on the streets of Davao, I’m sure you’ll see a durian fruit. The fruit’s presence is clearly everywhere since the strong repulsive smell is inescapable. I’ve heard that this year, the harvest is abundant and there are oversupply of durian in Davao City. Excess durians will be sent to Cebu and Manila where many people are also indulging (or curious?) of this famous fruit dubbed as the “king of fruits“.

Since there are surplus durians in Davao City, the prices of these fruits are going steep down to as low as P15 a kilo in Calinan (some think that it could get lower than that) and P20 to P30 in the city proper. Many tourists are now taking advantage of these prices since durians could get really expensive when the season is over.

How To Eat Durian

Step 1 : Chop the spiky durian open


Step 2 : Open it and let the fruit’s meat exposed (including the stench)


Step 3 : Bon appétit!



7 Responses to “The Flooding of Durian”

  1. 1 bLEsZ_IV

    …WoW..yUmmY!!!DuRiAN..mAde iN dAvAo!..tHe No.1 In DavAo CiTy…THiS fRuiT Is so DELICiOus..aLL tHe TouRiSm iS RealLy,ReAlLy,,,LiKe IT..AnD bY thIs FRuiT,tHe DAvAo CiTY knOWn As the BesT cItY IN thE phiL…


  2. 2 aileen

    I really believe that davao is known as plenty of durian’s during also the peak seasons.. since when i was a child, i really hate durian, but as i grow older,i loved durian. i dont know why. but because of durian,davao are known all over (i think) the world.. and i also invited the people who wants to try how delicious the durians are.. good job sir!!

  3. 3 arlene doble

    hi sir nawng palang daan sa imong model lami dyud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4 Annicel Doble

    Low sir!! i like durian, also the person who eating the durian, hek.hek!! lumad jud!!! ang nagkaon!!

  5. 5 bigotilyo

    Kelan kaya me ulit makakain ng Durian… Mahal kc dito sa Manila

  6. 6 bigotilyo

    Hello Guys! add me nman sa friendster nyo

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