Muslims Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadhan


 Written by Walter I. Balane / MindaNews  

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / September 7) –  Muslims around the country, with majority living in Mindanao will start the Holy month of Ramadhan  starting next week, Muslim scholars ring the bell for the season in a press conference here.

Officials of the Ulama League of the Philippines announced Friday they expect to start the Ramadhan on Sept. 12, if on Sept. 11 the moon’s new crescent is sighted, a tradition they follow since the time of prophet Mohammad. 

Muslim women in their colorful dresses
…. Muslims in Davao are peace loving people and they live harmoniously with the city’s Christian majority. (

Adilao said Muslims “are required to fast because it is an act of obedience to God, a way to learn self-discipline,  that it will strengthen faith, and it could lead to appreciation of God’s gift to people”. He said it “is also a form of sharing the sufferings of the poor and developing sympathy for them”.

The Ramadhan “also makes the Muslims realize the value of charity and generosity”, Adilao explained. While it is a fasting season, he said the Ramadhan is also a sharing and fellowship time with other Muslims.

This is the Bankerohan Muslim Mosque where many of Dabawenyo Muslims pray to their God Allah. (

“The season means not only abstaining from physical things but also avoiding evil thoughts and deeds,” he said. Obliged to fast are those mentally and physically fit, at age of puberty, usually about 14; at permanent dwellings and will not be traveling for at least 50 miles; and that person will not be exposed to any harm either physically or mentally.

Children under the age of puberty, insane people who cannot be held accountable for their deeds, and those too old and sickly are exemptions. Expectant and nursing mothers, and those in their period of menstruation are also exempted, but should make up for it for “a day for a day”.

All over the world, muslims are praying inside their beautiful mosques in observance of this year’s month long Ramadhan. (

Adilao announced they have slated activities for the duration of the Ramadhan. He said nightly Islamic lectures on Ramadhan will be aired via Radio Mindanao Network – DXDC Davao City. Ulama from the city’s different tribes will take turns in giving the on-air lectures. There will also be a Qur’an reading competition on radio. The Ramadhan ends tentatively on October 10, based on moon sighting, Adilao said. The Muslims then will hold the Ed’l Fitr celebration and congregation prayer, he added.

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