My Trip To Gen. Santos City


Last week I went to Gen. Santos City to accompany my brother for his business trip. It’s not my first time in GenSan, I’d been there before but it was a long time ago. Gen. Santos City is famous for its tuna and other marine products and of course the hometown of world renowned boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. It is located (based on my own estimate) above hundred kilometers deep south of Davao City and the trip takes more than 4 hour to 5 hour drive.

As we arrived, we went to the KCC Mall and Gaisano Mall then cruising around the city’s downtown and taking these pictures. GenSan, like Davao City, is also booming where many new establishments are also constructed. It is the main city of Region XII from what I’ve heard and also from what I’ve seen.


One Response to “My Trip To Gen. Santos City”

  1. 1 myrrh zyrine

    hello sir!!
    wala pa jud ko kaadto dira sa gensan vah!!! gi uban unta ko nimo sir!!!hehehehe…
    nice sa gensan sir????

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