European Culture Showcased in “Cine Europa” Film Festival


Last Thursday was the grand opening of “Cine Europa” at JS Citimall in Ilustre Street in this city. It is a 5-day event which showcase the different movies made in Europe. Movies from countries like England, France, Italy, Poland, Austria and many more were shown in Cinema 1 for FREE. Yup, all you have to do is to get inside and watch those excellent quality films and be entertained to the highest level.

Since I have work during weekdays, so I went there last Saturday and check out all the buzz. I arrived at around 2 pm afternoon and inside, a movie “Sex and Nothing Else” from Hungary was shown. Then I went on to watch the next film on schedule and this time its from the country Lithuania “You I Am“. I think “Sex and Nothing Else” is entertaining and its a comedy about an aging single woman who’s planning to have a baby only to ditch the guy who will impregnate her. On the other hand, “You I Am” is a different film. Its quiet, symbolic and a bit boring but I like the way they keep the level of interest going as the movie progresses.

“Sex and Nothing Else” from Hungary was a fun movie about love and life.

Overall, I like this event very much. People will be educated on European culture. We can hear them speak in their beautiful languages, see their culture, their beliefs and morals. Off course, we can see the beauty of Europe as backdrop. The movies contain sex, a bit violence and some nudity but its okay, its done so well you wont think of any impurities not unless your an idiot and like 12 years old. Oh!…. some movies have a rating of R-18 but most are PG-13. Hope more of these are coming to Davao in the future.

People in theater are enjoying free entertainment provided by Cine Europa Film Festival.


3 Responses to “European Culture Showcased in “Cine Europa” Film Festival”

  1. 1 Ronilyn Tapao

    Sir gud day,,european films pla is not what i expected cause i thought their boring 2 watch but its not pala…nice keo u mhimo ug blog sir vah..IDOL jud taka!!!aja

  2. 2 genioler

    Sir, I suggest na e download ‘tong “sex and Nothing Else” then mag film viewing dayon mo sa Ma-a. Hehehehe, so that they will learn many things and tactics.

  3. Amew….. naka online ka pa?
    log in sa imong yahoo beh kay nag online ko karun

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