Malls of Davao: NCCC Mall (exterior)


Of all the malls here in Davao City, NCCC mall is my most favorite. It is conveniently located in Ma-a, my place in Davao, which means its the nearest mall from home (my personal advantage in accessibility). Not only that, the mall is the newest, the most modern, having top notch facilities, great customer service, the coolest entertainment strip, need I say more? Well, most of all it is Davao based. I sounded a little bias but heck, what can I say, IMO it is the best mall in the Metro so far and definitely better than SM Davao.

Photos of NCCC Mall Exterior

I like this view….this is where vehicles (mostly taxies) pass by going to the front entrance of the mall.

This is the scene of the mall taken during the citywide power interuption. The mall was closed around 3 p.m. since generators cannot supply the power demand needed for the mall’s operation. Here people just stayed outside the mall (confused?).

The mall’s taxi lane and the McArthur Highway at the left.

This is the side where Jollibee fast food is located.

upnext…….. NCCC Mall’s great interior


51 Responses to “Malls of Davao: NCCC Mall (exterior)”

  1. 1 Jonas

    I agree with you. NCCC Mall’s exterior is way better than SM.

    But if we base on the boutiques, I think SM got the plus in it considering the mall is located near the rich subdivisions like ecoland phase 3, phase 7, doña luisa phase 1 and 2, etc…

    that’s why mango is in SM, Maldita, Diego, Caterpillar, DM’s, Florsheim, Bass, Lacoste, Naturalizer,etc…

    But exterior wise, NCCC got the A-. SM, just a B…

  2. 2 pedroiho

    NCCC for me is a pleasant mall to visit… because I am from Ma-a too… 🙂

  3. 3 Ronilyn Tapao

    NCCC sir is also my favorite place 2 hang out..its uses a high technology and its more convenient..

  4. 5 bigotilyo

    Hmmp… tingin ko maganda yang NCC Mall.. sad to say dito na me sa manila now… Nung umalis me sa davao 8 years ago ala NCCC Mall nun SM p lang. kaya kung magbbkasyon man ako sa davao gusto kong pasyalan ang NCCC Mall. Ilan ba ang cinema ng NCCC Mall?

  5. 6 nickilo

    4 ang sinehan sa NCCC Mall at puro magaganda…..
    Maganda kase
    a. maganda ang screen
    b. maganda ang sound
    c. maganda ang upu-an (latest on sitting technology)
    d. siympre maganda ang mga palabas.

  6. become young again

  7. 8 B-a-i-L-S

    mga bai.. ask lng unta ko if naa sa nccc mall ang MELROSE SKATESHOP??hehe dri mn gud ko kidapawan, layo layo sad ni among bukid ba. suroy unta ko dha sa inyong syudad ky palit ko skateboard.hehehehe nya wa jud ko kabalo asa na naadto ang melrose.. b4 naa man sa Gaisano, kalit raman nawala.hehehehehe hinabang lang gamay mga amigo og amiga.hehehe salamat daan ^^

  8. 9 joao

    I think for a convenience watching your favorite movie. I advice to everyone to spend their time to the NCCC Mall – Davao Theater. For my experience I think they have the most comfortable place, good high technology sound systems, wide screen, friendly employees and the environment it self ( like the chairs, etc. ) . I even love to spend my time in shopping to their less expensive supermarket. It’s nowhere comparable to other malls here in Davao. If they can continue the very good service and clean environment as one of the best mall in Asia. They will be more consumers expected to visit and spend most of their time. I LOVE NCCC Mall – Davao simply because of their excellence in good customer service. Thank You and More power !!!!

    Joao – Macau

  9. 10 Anonymous

    naay skate sa nccc mall of davao

  10. 11 Anonymous

    skate shop diay

  11. 12 charie mae alfante

    hi hinda a ako nakakpunta dyan sana makapunta na ako dyan

  12. 13 Anonymous

    city mall

  13. hi im from davao city.. luv strolling @ ncc mol..exlinktau

  14. 15 bernadeth

    nccc is one of the best in terms of thier assocaites….the system or selecting employees is very nice…

  15. 16 bernadeth

    they love thier employees as well as the consumers….employees are trained well on how to entertained the costumers….

  16. 17 intoy (Muscat, Oman)

    ah bisan asa …. basta muabot ko gikan bakasyon musuroy gyud ko both sa NCCC og SM. nindot man gud suroy-suroy bisan pamiliti lang kwarta sa bulsa hehehehe… regards to all people in Davao.

  17. 18 prove

    nccc is has a best customer service and they know how to protect thier that i love nccc very mush

  18. 19 Anonymous

    hmmm.. ingat tnan!!!

  19. 20 badjang

    the best mall of davao….wla ako d2 sa saudi ngayon kng hndi s mall nyan!!!…i work as sales associate b4 for that mall…. and i’m verry proud of it……kahit nsa saudi ako hindi ko mkkalimotan ang AMAZING!!!!!……oops!!! naaplay ko rin yan lahat d2 sa saudi as a visual merchandiser ng centerpoin mall….guys lam ko anjan p kau….lalo na sa kumpare ko… regards to all toys dept staff. pare anton…to all suprvisors…i hope hindi nyo ako makkalimotan heheheh maam peachy,maam jo,maam clytie, sir ruel….. i miss NCCC… see u soon….and GOD bless TEAM NCCC MALL.

  20. 21 nekai..

    hi! i’m a trainee.. That’s how they treat us here at NCCC Main.. Employees in this establishment have practiced hospitality.. I feel their warm welcome during the training.. and i have learned so much out from that experience.. I enjyed so much working here as an ICT trainee… and that includes receivng phone calls and pc inventories.. no more no less…

  21. ^_^ i am jinkeemie Balabat former crew of NCCC main magsaysay, assigned in grocery and been in the department store ^_^ its been an honor to be employed at this prestigious company. A great experience working in, service from the heart is being focused and until now i absorb that kind of quality. NCCC taught me a lot specially in rendering service, the core value that tatay established. I want to go back work but i am here in gensan, someday i’LL go back. Nothing compares with the NCCC company, thats why they had thier great success. There is something about thier management and employees that is unique ^_^ hmmmm you’ll notice that much if you have been a part of them. i love NCCC and i miss working on them. the best ^_^

  22. i love nccc time zone because there are plenty of games and prizes and wen i grow up i want to work there as a wayter and i have a classmate there and we are always playing in the timezone and always win prizes. i am so happy with my classmate and all the people there.and we even eat at the food cort sometimes and we are always buying ice cream he always pick the choco and i always pick the strawberry. and wen ever there’s a consert we watch it in the 4th floors so no people will come and the people in that consert were janloyd, ann , bea alonzo, aron and erich we were so happy that time.

  23. 24 carl

    is there a training gym in nccc mall matina?

  24. No comment…………….. both malls are OK for me.

  25. hi! good im from iligan saan mabibili yung art supply sa nccc mall yung plastic na nilagyan ng table adhessive for t shirt printing;para ilagay sa ilalim ng tshirt para hindi gumalaw an shirt. tnx

  26. 27 Leovin D. Sabandon

    to nccc staff:maam, im Leovin D. Sabandon gusto ko po na epafollow up ang aking pag aaplay jan kasi gustong gusto ko na talaga na magtrabaho sa company ninyo..i hope na mapart ako sa kompanya ninyo kasi i luv nccc.. MARAMING SALAMAT POH…

  27. 28 miguela walker

    27 Miguela walker April 1 , 2010
    Good day! Davao. Its been 9 years now since I left philippines and moved here in Australia. you have no idea how i miss our own country,especialy when my family told me How great the NCCC MALL in ma-a is . I am very proud of it since ma-a was my home .I look forward of going back in christmas time and spend most of my time wandering at nccc mall

    • 29 rosalie delima

      Gui, musta kana tagal na tayo di nagusap rosalie

      • 30 miguelawalker

        sal, i miss u so much sorry i didnt ring u 4 a while,because ive lost ur phone number. dont worry i will be home early next year and pls send me ur ph number again in my mobile i love GEGIE

    • 31 rosalie f. delima

      hello gui kmsta kna

    • 32 Rosalie Delima

      Gui, heres my phone number +639056589780. yun parin ba number cge i send u my number.

      • 33 miguelawalker

        yes ta,mao lang gihapon salamat kaayo i will ring you pag di nako b.c.nag eskwela man god ko ug gamay nursing aid ragod ta.

    • 34 rosalie delima

      ok gui wait lang ko i send u message pero parang di mo na received ata or mali lang number ko na type.

  28. 35 Anonymous

    maganda ang lahat ng mall kong may pera,diba recession ngayon,ingat sa gastos.

    • 36 bnoy

      Korek ka diyan ! Dapat may PERA ka! Kasi Super mahal ang NCCC gaya ng SM! at mukha din pera ang mukha mo para magiging kapamilya ka. LoL

  29. 37 Anonymous

    maganda sana kung pwede mag shop online para sa mga kapamilya sa pinas,noh.Diba sophisticated na ang lahat.

  30. 38 jomolz

    davao pride!origiinal ‘to meron tayo sarile labas ng mla at cebu.NCCCCCis d’ best mall in wadab.

  31. 39 KRISTINE

    …..nice jd ayo ang NCCC mall….pnaka da best nga mall nga nkita nko sa davao…. sana mka blik na pd ko sa davao…………….i love DAVAO.

  32. Dear Helen (Mrs. Lim),
    I would like to order 5 bottles of Coco Nectar of 1000 grams each. Will there there be a discount? Would it be possible to deliver it here in our convent at Little Souls Sisters, Mahogany Avenue, Tagaytay City?

    I will be in Tagum, Davao, on March 2-3, for a Vocation Campaign. I will try to see you upon arrival around 9:30 a.m. on March 2 or before leaving before noontime on March 3.

    I am really surprised how NCCC have developed into a very beautiful Shopping Mall. Surely, Henry and Gay are powerfully interceding in heaven for you and your family.

    God bless you always, dear Helen. Praying for you,
    Sister Marie Rose

  33. 41 potzkie

    b4, nccc ang nindot ug karon watch out sa abreeza mall..wala pa gani nhuman nindot kaau ug apearance. zero jud nang SM oie, puro ra galvanize ang walling. kung sa sine, nice ang bag-ong feature sa gaisano mall nga red carpet..mahal lng nuon. kung sa pa-baratuhay ug tinda sa mall, didto ta sa victoria plaza. kung mas barato p jud inyo gusto, naay san pedro ug uyangurin..hehehe

  34. My comment is Nccc is affordable price for the supermarket.They have complete list of the product if you need if you buy in their supermarket.But it come of the pasyalan,Nccc is poor they do not have any amenities to cater the people for the pasyalan.For the pasyalan or mall strolling i will choose Abreeza(Ayala Malls Davao) and SM city Davao.Because maganda talaga ang mall nila.Kung mall strolling or pasyalan.NCCC mall davao is best for supermalls for very affordable price.if you are negosyante.

    However,If oyu looking for the high-end brand and nice pasyalan or mall strolling.Please choose ABREEZA they have high class brand store like:Calvin klein,Kenneth cole,Marks & Spencers,Armani exchange,Debehams,GAP,Fully Booked,Promod,Cache-cache,Philip Stein,Xoxo New york,Zara,Mango,Terranova,lacoste,paris hilton. and more!!!

    Abreeza is the best for the bars and cafe like:TGIS fridays,Starbucks,Italiannis, and more!

    Sm city davao they have a listing of high-end but sm supermalls is affordable and pang-masa type of malls they have also high-end brand like:body shop,Mango,Arrow,Lacoste,Marithe francois girbaud,Bayo and more!

    SM city Davao have a best restaurant like:Yellow cab,Pizza Hut,Bigbys cafe and more!!!

  35. Hi… tga davao ako… marami na akng napuntahang mga malls d2 sa dvo… pro isa lng ang tanong ku ’bout sa mall na ito…

    Gaanu bah kalaki ang gross floor area ng mall na ito? (in square kms.)

  36. 44 loyde

    ahayyy kalami n unta mg laag ug davao unsaon man ky lau n me kau…. but after 2 years makauli n jud ko sa davao mg tagbaw jud ko sa kalami sa davao.

  37. 45 loyde

    sa robinson me mg laag ug sm shopping2 tambal sa kapoy sa trabaho paliton ko ang tanan magustuhan jejeje

  38. i can not go to nccc mall because guard is not good mall kasi po bad sila talaga i hate ncc

  39. nice bldg. design of nccc mall of davao. WHEN WILL YOU BE HAVING A BRANCH MALL IN MEGA CITY OF KIDAPAWAN? kasi TSo when in Kidapawan city? Gaisano is already in Kidapawan and its almost finished.. Please answer. thanks…. Im daryl working here in Dubai….

  40. 48 Anonymous

    how about gaisano south?! hahahahha

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  43. 51 pancho argente

    maayong gabii sa tanan… ask lang unta ko f naa baligya clash of clan t-shirt diha sa NCCC?

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