Another Video from Haringbuang


There are 2 videos that I really like from haringbuang. This is their second dubbed video and is equally funny (even funnier) to “Teri’s video”. Haringbuang used a clip from Mel Gibson’s movie “Apocalypto”, he dubbed it in bisaya, and transforming it into a different story. Really, I find this very funny and well done.

Actually, there are proliferations of bisayan and hiligaynon dubbed clips in youtube using well known international movies. Some are not as funny as from haringbuang’s and tend to be green and cheesy. But, what I learned was that southern Filipinos ( refering to people living in Visayas and Mindanao) got talents in video editing. IMO, it is very feasible to put up film industry in this part of the country and so we can watch bisayan movies in theaters.

Here’s the video, its called:

Paksiw: Ang Bangi-itang Irong Buang

(Paksiw: The Great Crazy Dog)

English translation is provided below. ENJOY! đŸ˜‰

English Translation:

Scene 1

Paksiw: Who’s there?………….. Who’s there?!
Bahag-Hari: I am their known king wearing T-back and they call me Bahag-Hari. Its ok for me to let you search for “kaka” in our surroundings since my tribe are living in peace but if you do something wrong to us then you will be thrown away from here.
Stranger: (offered fishes to Bahag-Hari)
Bahag-Hari: Its already rotten.
Stranger: Just take a look if its rotten.
Bahag-Hari: Where did you get it?
Stranger: From Pasil.
Bahag-Hari: Good!
Paksiw: What group are you bai?
Stranger: Move forward brod……. We are members of Wakwak tribe who loosed during the Sinulog.
Paksiw: Because you always sniff rugby thats why.
Stranger: Maybe its you….. because your face looks like a mosquito leg.
Paksiw: You asshole!
Bahag-Hari: PAKSIW!
Paksiw: Get back here….
Bahag-Hari: PAKSIW!…….. don’t mind him…. come let’s go home

Scene 2

(the sound of kikiks who follows the Wakwak tribe)
Bahag-Hari: The Wakwak tribe they started in Siquijor. They are known vampires in the island.
Fatguy: Ahhhh vampires…. the one who wears nose rings.
Bahag-Hari: (Giving the fatguy an unapproving look)
Fatguy: oh….. sorry.
Bahag-Hari: Mom and Dad are from Wakwak tribe.
Paksiw: We are descendants of vampires?
Bahag-Hari: Yes…. Morning, Night they look for victims….. young, old, pregnant as long as its fresh blood…. But I didn’t continue and move away from their tribe because I never get used to eating raw….. When I was little its always spaghetti and regular yum in Jollibee but now I’m a vegetarian….”Original Rastafarai”. Sometimes I’m also a “Punk” oh here it is take it lets go home……


7 Responses to “Another Video from Haringbuang”

  1. 1 Falcon





  2. 2 junix

    animal jud ning tawhana oi daghan kabuang!gifted child man kaau ka doh! hehehe

  3. 3 boboy

    you know what, haringbuang is the son of the late A.A. and Linda V. his parents are so popular in the mid 80’s here in cebu. his father was a script writer, director, newscaster, station manager of three different stations. his mother was an actres, director and a radio talent here in cebu.
    i never thought that haringbuang has the talent like his parents.
    i met him through his friendster.
    but his parents is my friend then and i was shocked when i knew that his the son of the great script writers in cebu
    this kid is so talented even before when i first saw his first episode of his dubbed movie paksiw irongbuang i said “who the hell made this script?” coz im laughing out loud while im watching it.
    clearly one of the best and cebu’s pride.

    go haringbuang!!!

  4. 4 tongie

    im proud to be a visaya cuz lahat ng mga visaya mga gifted except me hehehe

  5. 5 TanGKag

    The Besy jud si haring buang sa bisaya dubbing!
    BiSaYa RuLez!!!

  6. hi………….cn u be my friend?tga dvao pd q….

  7. waaaaaaaaahhh!!!its so funny,,i like this movie talaga!!!
    im jenelyn tupas from valencia bukidnon,,gardz all my family there in davao*_+desuyo family+_*miss u all!!!

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