IT Business Bullish In Davao


Callbox Inc. is another IT related company to be established in Davao as the city continues to progress. Callbox is an international call center that soon be operating inside the IT Pavilion of the NCCC mall in Ma-a. Presently, they are now hiring staffs needed to run their business here so Dabawenyos can now have a chance to grab this opportunity to be part of that prestigious company.

Callbox Inc. is now hiring in Davao! (from Peng Hok @ SSC)

What is Callbox Inc. by the way?


“Callbox is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Services Organization that provides Outbound Sales solutions, creative Marketing Support and Database Services.

Powered by sales and marketing expertise and cutting-edge technology that allows greater flexibility, Callbox complements the sales process. We help determine the best solutions and enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of top-notch sales support without distracting their team from their main business focus.

Operating 24/7, Callbox serves leading global companies in many industries including software and technology services, financial, medical and business services, consistently helping businesses accelerate market capture and revenue growth.”

Here’s their website (click on the banner):

By the way, for those new friends I met in 1MBS… thanks for the good times and a worthwile learning experience. I still try to find time to post about that event but I’ve been busy with work lately. I got overstressed as chairman of my precinct in Ma-a last barangay election. Still, I’ll write about both 1MBS and the election in my next posts. Nice meeting you guys! đŸ™‚


5 Responses to “IT Business Bullish In Davao”

  1. 1 jessica

    im interested.. how can i apply?

  2. visit

  3. 3 acecazle

    Madayaw! Interested in becoming a CALLBOX agent? Sign up at, get your joinup # and complete the form. Just wait and our specialist will set you an appointment for initial interview. It’s that easy and fast.

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you at CALLBOX!

  4. i am also interested ….id like to apply…..thanks

  5. thanks a lot…

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