The 2007 Barangay Election in Ma-a NHS


The Ma-a NHS serves as the venue for the barangay election in Ma-a last October 29, 2007. People exercised their rights of suffrage again only this time, we got to choose our leaders who will take office in Barangay Hall level. Not much fanfare but I think its the position that could really become personal because the candidates are just your neighbors, kababata, kumpare etc.

It all ended well in Ma-a and there are no untoward incidence happened. Congratulations to the winners of the synchronize Barangay and SK Election 2007. Hope you will truly serve your constituents wholeheartedly.

Ma-a NHS Barangay Election
People flocking to Ma-a NHS to vote for their Barangay Captain candidate. It was a low turnout of voters.

ballot box
This is my ballot box with precinct # 1035A/1035B

Almendras Gym and ballot boxes
This is where my ballot box ended after the election. It is with other ballot boxes in Davao City. This is inside Almedras Gym in Boulevard, Davao City.


3 Responses to “The 2007 Barangay Election in Ma-a NHS”

  1. 1 melody pusa

    hi…..hello….. to everybody…..muzta?????? my alma matter maa national high school.. god bless u all….

  2. To whom it may concern,

    Good day!Can we pls to touch this letter only asking a favor to you MAAM we have no other address,that please inform Mrs:Marinessa V.Repollo that has requisting my husband Juergen german to her.Can you please tell that the things that he have been in the house can she get back to my husband?All things he ask to please send only to VETERANCE BANK claveria through her daughter PIA?of this following things:Juergen t-shirt black,Ring,Papers and important pictures only including family no including their pictures,ID of work,any things only of him.Hopely that she can get back all rush badly needed,but if no my husband Juergen will tell you more information about her…..Thank you very much for your concern.

    Please hope for your consideration,

    Chona and Juergen

  3. 3 Anonymous

    hi all the teachers and headteacher in maa.
    pls. iam looking for my elementary classmate her name was elizabeth gecali
    but i dont know now cause maybe shes married and her name changes?
    i already get in touch with my 2 classmtes and i would liked to with her
    she know me marilyn delmo

    pls. pass my message to her thank you very much

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