The Mindanao Bloggers Summit


Mindanao Blogger Summit

This post is long overdue but anyway, it was a lot of fun attending the first Mindanao Blogger Summit at the 4th floor of the NCCC Mall last October 27, 2007. I got a chance to meet bloggers whose blogs I kept reading for almost a year till I decided to become a blogger myself. Great people, great food, great new ideas and a lot of fun. Officially, it was a very successful event and I’m very happy to be part of it.

Look What I’ve Won From The Summit

google toy At first I wasn’t excited from what I’ve won from the raffle during the 1st Mindanao Blogger Summit. I don’t have any idea what the heck are those thingies inside a cylinder shape Google package. It looks like those toys from the movie “The Last Mimzy”.

But I found out that its cool to play around with it, you can do a lot of things with it because of its magnets. Most of all, its a very rare Google toy to have and I think its really an expensive one too.

Hope that there will be another event like this. I am so proud to be a part of this historic event and of course to be a blogger. It giggles me when they start calling bloggers as online writers HA HA! Never did I imagine myself to be a writer, but oh well…… I’m a writer, thats what I ended up from becoming a blogger.

Mindanao Bloggers
The Mindanao Blogging force…… together we will help build a good image of Mindanao through our blogs.

Bloggers Conference
The Gods of Blogging…… these guys are my inspiration to blog not mention the motivation to be like them….. getting rich in blogging. hehehe


2 Responses to “The Mindanao Bloggers Summit”

  1. 1 dinabaw

    hi nikilo

    medyo off topic

    meron kasing nag tatanong sa akin sa skyscrapercity na kung mayroon ako or my friends na may hi-res photos of Mt. Apo. do you have photos of it or your friends maybe? na hindi naman mga professional phtographers. kasi she will feature mt. apo sa kanyang magazine at she will spend it w/ her own money . garbo ni sa Davao bec she is based in Singapore and surely it helps in promoting Mt. Apo and Davao đŸ™‚



  2. 2 nickilo

    Uy dinabaw! thnx for dropping by

    adtu kay pedroiho sa iyang blog…. look for Dispatcher_sa_kanto in my blogroll…. he is a mountain climber maybe he have lots of photo collections of Mt. Apo.

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