New High Rise Hotel For Davao Tourists


I personally like the design of the building because it is something new to the city (photo –> TJBrewed).

After more than 10 years, Davao City will be adding another tall structure to its skyline. Located at Sta. Ana avenue, Central Park Hotel will be the newest hotel in Davao City, it has 12 floors making it a high rise building and it is located right at the heart of downtown area. The building will be filling the skyline where the Marco Polo Hotel, Ateneo and Metrobank buildings are standing so its going to make that area a little denser (its going to be nice to look at on aerial view for sure). According to SSC forum, the hotel is owned by a local investor.

The ongoing construction of Central Plaza Hotel (

At present, the construction is in full blast. I happened to pass by in that area and workers are setting down the foundation for the building. Those tower cranes are pounding like crazy. You can hear the sound of the machine drilling the ground ferociously from as far as Marco Polo.  Also, the small commercial building that obstructs the view of the construction and adjacent to the hotel’s site is already enclosed with fence. They will demolish that small building for sure. Good, since I ain’t liking the looks of it.

Davao City’s tourist arrival is increasing every year. Last 2007, the city was visited by approximately 50,000 foreign visitors and some 530,000 domestic travelers. The foreign visitors on same period last 2006 was only around 43,000 and that’s about 10% increase. Note that those figures are based only on the hotel occupancy report by country of residence and this includes 19 hotels, six inns, and nine pension houses. (click here for source)

Davao’s 9 and up:

  1. Marco Polo Hotel – 21
  2. Landco Tower – 17
  3. Pryce Tower – 15
  4. Durian Hotel – 12
  5. Grand Regal Hotel – 12
  6. Central Park Hotel – 12
  7. Davao Doctor’s Hospital – 11
  8. Royal Mandaya Hotel 1 – 10
  9. Royal Mandaya Hotel 2 – 9
  10. Metrobank – 9
  11. Apo View Hotel – 9

14 Responses to “New High Rise Hotel For Davao Tourists”

  1. 1 ji

    nagsugod na ba ni?

  2. Yup in full throttle….. they are now going vertical so we can expect this project to finish this year. I’ll grab some latest photos and post it here next time.

  3. I’m looking to come to P.I. (maybe Davao) for one or two years, beginning new year 2009. I like high rise and want one with 2-3 rooms. For one year. Where is rent =<$400?

  4. 4 Dang

    hello.. may I know who is the owner or contact person for this hotel?? I’m into software company. Would like to offer our products and services. please get in touch with me at 02-892-1171. or 817-7760.

    thank you and God bless.

  5. 5 Dang

    hello i’d like to get the contact person for this hotel. pls email me.. thank you

  6. 6 jeferson aguilloso

    hello good day!! asa man ta pwd mag apply? asa dapit ila office? pls thru my email add tnx,

  7. 7 jeferson aguilloso

    hello good day!! asa man ta pwd mag apply? asa dapit ila office? pls reply thru my email add tnx,

  8. 8 Ped Quiamjot

    Hi, Dang

    You are really fast. Right now, Im also exploring this Central Park Hotel. Lets work together. Update mo lang ako at this email address,


    Mr. Ped Quiamjot

  9. good day!im enterested to work in your hotel as a cook.where could i submit may application.

  10. 10 pedro


    I am pedro, came from thailand. It happens to see the new hotel here in davao. When is the opening of this hotel? I wish to apply to your elagant and pretigious hotel. I worked before in IMPERIAL BOAT HOUSE HOTEL IN THAILAND , KOH SAMUI. I hope to be part of your hotel industry.
    where can I apply?
    MOre power…
    Hope to see you guys..

  11. 11 jeff

    im very much interested to work on this hotel, currently im working in local hotel here in davao, can you just help me where should i submit my cv or just keep in touch thru my mobile # 09198292654 tnx, god bless,

  12. 12 jet

    gud day, pwd mangutana kung aha dpit ilang office, ug unsay mga kinahanglan sa pag apply ana nga hotel?

  13. 13 april

    hellow have a good day, can I ask a question? maybe how many employee your are needed in your hotel?

  14. 14 Anonymous

    when d.i mag open ang inyong new hotel? actually i searching for new establishment that can accommodate my quest from abroad, i need an exact date so that ma set na nko, ug ma finalize, when nko sila paagtuon dri. thanks daan for the info. hoping miss Gladies Noriego

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