Bankerohan Bridge Update


I think its been a year now since the very old Bankerohan Bridge collapsed, and now, there has been great strides toward completion of the new bridge. Before, the people of Davao were getting impatient when the national government wasn’t able to give the necessary funding to construct the new bridge on time. The traffic went hell and the traffic signalization was put on hold. Its great now that the construction of the new bridge is nearing its completion. In fact, I’m quite impress how fast the construction been doing. Right now, the bridge is taking shape beautifully and its gonna be a better and stronger bridge.


Workers of Ciriaco Corporation, the winning bidder on the construction of the Gov. Generoso Bridge I (Bankerohan Bridge) in Bankerohan, begin filling the steal frame on the pavement prior to the pouring in the cement. The DPWH declared that the pace of constructions is well within the deadline. The people of Davao will soon be relieved from the inconvenience brought about by the collapsed bridge. Soon, the traffic around that area will be back to normal. 😉


8 Responses to “Bankerohan Bridge Update”

  1. Thanks

  2. 2 ji

    We urgently need this bridge already not only on the upcoming school opening, but also for Kadayawan Festival.

  3. @ji

    i agree! the bridge is 82-87% completed. before august i guess that’ll be finished.


  4. 4 ji

    ive read the new deadline is July 2008.

  5. hmmm. the sooner the better

  6. Good luck to you and the people of Davao city. Guess the bridge should have been ready by now…
    Peace and greeting from Malaysia to the people of Davao city. TQ n ragards.

  7. Hi ibnunurdin,

    The bridge is actually finished and it is now being used to the public. The traffic is now improved so thanks to the local government for the accomplishment.

  8. There is certainly a lot to learn about this topic.
    I like all the points you have made.

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