Davao City Tops AIM Survey: The Most Competitive City


Davao City skyline (photo posted by Dinabaw @ SSC Forum)

Congratulations to Davao City for being the “Most Competitive City in the Philippines”! It ranks highest among other big major cities in the country. You can read details of the survey here.

The survey conducted by Asian Institute of Management (AIM) based their ranking in the following criterias.

1. cost of doing business
2. dynamism of local economy
3. linkages and accessibility
4. human resources and training
5. infrastructure
6. responsiveness of local government to business needs
7. quality of life

Surprisingly, I read a reaction from other blog undermining Davao’s latest accolade. Some guy said that the reason Davao achieved this kind of accomplishment is because the city is still a new provincial city. He means the city has yet to experience traffic jams, waves of squatter colonies, environmental pressure, crime etc. He further said that he will be expecting people in Davao to succumb to economic growth and will unable to manage the coming formidable challenge to come allowing other new provincial city to take over our number one spot.

Obviously, this guy is not well informed about Davao City. I’m sure he doesn’t visit the city yet. We all know that the Davao City local government is doing a great job in managing the city. They have done a lot of projects like the drainage system, waste management, land zoning, human settlements, tax collection, roads etc. to name a few. The private sectors are doing their share in the local economy and tourism. But, one big reason for this feat is because of the hard work, talent and discipline of the Dabawenyos.

Those ugly urban stuff he was mentioning, I’m thinking that we are so prepared for that. I hope that we can handle dealing those problems. His comments however seems like a sign of panicking because this provincial city (as what he describe Davao) is becoming a dominant city in the south like a sleeping giant about to awake.


13 Responses to “Davao City Tops AIM Survey: The Most Competitive City”

  1. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog though I haven’t written anything for some time now. But today, I wrote two new articles and edited some of my old posts. Have a good day! 🙂

  3. 3 Thonz

    I also read some blogs who reacted negatively on Davao’s yet another achievement. 🙂

  4. Maybe we read the same blog….. I just don’t like the tone of his article the way he discussed about our city. Quite annoying…….

  5. 5 joshua mabunga

    Yes, davao city is like a sleeping giant, slowly but surely to be the top cities in the phil and asia and beyond…

  6. 6 joshua mabunga

    I dont mind about this guy whose telling bad for our city, just go on, but im sure you, Davao city will be the best cities in the phil, just visit our city first before you comment something….

  7. 7 bj enerio

    nevermind the guy saying negative things about davao.He’s just annoyed with the fact that Davao is the best city in the whole of the Philippines.Yah! finally the sleeping giant is rising to the occasion. GO davao! I’m proud to be a Davaoeno..peace nalang sa ubang nasuya.

  8. 8 GEORGE


  9. Madayaw Dabaw!!! Truly Mindanao’s pride!!!:P:P:P

  10. 10 Dennis

    It is very reasonable to make Davao as the most competitive City in the Phil… Providing the achievements that Davao had Attained;most livable city in the Philippines, Outstanding Peace and Order, The only city in the Philippines having the fast emergency response with the help of R-911 (free baya na dli pareha sa US ug Canada) and most of all Good Governance…
    And dumoy pud d i nga tubig pinakalimpyo sa Pilipinas ug ikaduha sa tibook nasud…wala pa juy bagyo…… kalami nalanmg mag puyo sa davao a…..Dabawenyo gud…

  11. 11 Dennis

    “ikaduha sa tibook nasud…wala pa juy bagyo……” kalibutan diay

  12. 12 Hirono-kun(Polonaise)

    Davao is really blessed compared to another cities in the Phils. Typhoon-free, the goods are cheaper compared to other cities, clean and the people here are really hospitable and not boastful.

  13. 13 Bryan (Marikina City)

    Congratulations to all the Dabaweños!

    For me, being a competitive city depends on the people itself, those local residents who are law-abiding, innovative, and hospitable that makes a city attractive, inviting, and happy amids many obstacles. I am not personally aware of what Davao looks like, since my feet have not yet reached the Mindanao soil. (Palawan is so-far my most distant destination) It is from the words of mouth that makes me think that Davao is such a wonderful place, truly a piece of jewel in the land of Mindanao. Being one of the Marikeños (you know probably where I came from), being a competitive city in 2005 makes me proud of my city. It is not a boastful claim; it is just an inspiration for us residents to make our city more vibrant, more livable, and cleaner in all aspects. But despite the comments, here are my thoughts: It is very easy to choose a competitive city. (It can be counted by fingers) But to choose a competitive citizen is not. It is because the citizen, yes, people is the one who makes a city competitive, and they numerous; not hundreds or even thousands. They are millions. It is possible that you are one of them!

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