City Council Pushed the Go Button for Ayala Mall


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July 30, 2008

Most followers of the Ayala project is rejoicing right now as the firm’s request for reclassification of the Floirendo owned land into a major commercial zone is granted by the city council. So, this project is on the go. All I can say is happy construction and see you on the opening day! 😉

July 26, 2008

The picture above shows a better rendering of the Ayala Center of Davao and I like how it is inserted into the actual photo of J.P. Laurel street as background. By the way, there is a growing concern of the Davao forumers in message boards. The city council was asking the Ayala developers about the required flood control and traffic management plan of the project. The forumers fear that the Ayalas might be discourage of the delayed approval and the requirements given to them (which the forumers think is unnecessary). The city council will decide on these 3 billion pesos worth of investment, the biggest ever in Davao, on July 29 (They better do something sensible or this gem will become pfft).

April 18, 2008

I’d been reading posts from Davao thread about the upcoming construction of the Ayala Center and Robinson malls here in Davao. These projects have always been discussed for quite some time now. But those guys were way ahead on infos that they already have the unofficial rendering of the Ayala Center of Davao. I tell you, its HUGE! Its going to change the face of the Bajada district when its done.

It is located along the curve of J.P. Laurel street in Bajada. It is beside the Durian Hotel. When you pass by in that place you can see the huge idle land there and the street side you’ll see vendors selling pots and plants. They will be relocated somewhere else when these project commence. The land area covered in the project will be more or less 40,000 sqm. Construction will start this June.

The Ayala Center will be having a classy mall which is expected to be completed in 2009 ( thats next year…. weee) and two buildings intended for BPO locaters.


13 Responses to “City Council Pushed the Go Button for Ayala Mall”

  1. thats great! we’ll be competing with bpos, malls in cebu, however it might not be as big simply because davao is at in its infancy. SM Cebu for example is quite big (has northwing area), sm davao city is only 1/4 of the space occupied.

  2. 2 ji

    Cebu is mall industry is bigger they are on expansion phase.
    (both SM and Ayala). well nice for Davao and Cebu as well!!

  3. that excites me. hehehe

  4. 4 Mr. Nice

    With AYALA Mall , Go ! Davao Go! and i dreamed of an SM-Davao Expansion huh!
    –Mr.Nice of Canada

  5. 5 ji

    Hay salamat naapprove din. Imagine nyo na lang ang domino effect nito sa Bajada-Lanang area, and ROB set to open on January 2009. We regards sa traffic, they can iron it out, with more paved roads within the AYALA project.

    Cheers to all Davaoenos…

    For now, let us wait for them to be finished then raid in their locators and restos. Whoo I just can wait, (halata bang very excited) with the span of 3 to 5 years… the Shopping Capital of the Davao Region and its neighboring regions.

    After this project, well be waiting for the Hotel and Condo Component. (I hope its Marriot or Shang) hehee.

  6. “After this project, well be waiting for the Hotel and Condo Component. (I hope its Marriot or Shang) hehee.” – from ji

    Mag dilang anghel ka sana…. 🙂
    Pero….. ma-o nang naay blog nga ing-ani para promotion dba? Lets keep on promoting Davao para fulfilled na jud ang mga promises sa atung promise land.

    “With AYALA Mall , Go ! Davao Go! and i dreamed of an SM-Davao Expansion huh!”
    –Mr.Nice of Canada

    An SM Mall in Lanang is being planned and its a kick ass land over there quite huge! hehehe……
    Malls, Condos, Hotels, etc. Davao is on a roll….. congrats to all of us.

  7. 7 Robert

    Ayala Malls in Manila and Cebu (and the soon to rise in Davao and Angeles) are much much more beautiful, clean, and neat than the malls I visited in the United States when I lived there from 1996 to 2000.

    We, Dabawenyos, should be proud to have this kind of mall of international standard.

  8. 8 joshua mabunga

    after the ayala center, more hotels to be put here in Davao city, i can say now, Davao city is the best in the whole region… Im hoping the LRT here in Davao will push thru..

  9. 6aGood idea.0s I compleatly agree with last post. ioe
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  10. 10 Paulo Ritz

    Is it true that Ayala Center CDO is bigger than Ayala Center Davao?

  11. 11 Anonymous

    Thats what they are claiming but who cares? I think there is no competition of who gets the biggest mall….
    Davao is 100% sure that Abreeza will be constructed that’s all that matters….. tapos di naman cguru advisable na sobrang laki ang mga malls since di naman tayo overpopulated, ma saturate ang demand baka ma lugi pa yang mga businesses nila.

    Advice ko lang: slowly but surely….. 😉

  12. by Paulo Ritz:
    “Is it true that Ayala Center CDO is bigger than Ayala Center Davao?”

    – I don’t think CDO even have one. You can check Ayala website.

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