Non-Aircon Taxi Extinction


LTO no longer allows non-aircon taxis to renew franchise implementing the total phase out of those units.

Rain fell one night as I was about to go home from downtown. Because of that, I have this irresistible urge to take a taxi ride home instead of PUJ. So I decided to take a non-aircon taxi instead since I got some money left to spare for that little convenience.

I was at Ilustre Street waiting for a non-aircon taxi (I notice non-aircon taxis are slowly non-existent nowadays). There are other people who also waited for taxis so I got some tough competition going on. A couple of taxis are waiting for passengers in front of us but it seems nobody wanted those because they are aircon taxis. It took me an hour to find a non-aircon taxi (yes its that long to find one when it rains). Before that, there were three actually pulled over in front of me but I lose it to other passengers who quickly whisked themselves in.

Like me, many dabawenyos would prefer non-aircon taxis because its cheap. Majority of rich people don’t ride taxis anyway because they owned a car. But the local government are now planning to totally phase out those non-aircon taxi units. Oh no! At least they should have keep our options. I just want to go to places quick and cheap and non-aircon taxi is exactly what I need.


3 Responses to “Non-Aircon Taxi Extinction”

  1. 1 hill roberts

    I think that’s what you call “progress”? In the 60’s. Davao even had a fleet of black mercedes
    benz. Believe me,it’s true. Davao folks have always been ahead of time. Do you also know that
    “Business Day” also originated in that blooming city? Local historians would confirm that too.
    Indeed, when the government requires all taxis to be airconditioned, they know that the
    consortiums “CAN” afford to fit their cars with aircon. Otherwise, would they impose this
    new rule? Hey, you can always go to the City Hall and tell them to rollback prices to be able
    to enjoy that ride. Meanwhile, enjoy the city Europe is tired and wanting. Wish I was there,

  2. 2 malou lacanilao

    Hi. I need a copy of the memo regarding the extinction of non-aircon taxis in Davao City. Where do you think can i get one? Many thanks.

  3. Thank you webmaster for such a meaningful blog post. I am impressed with your view on Non-Aircon Taxi Extinction « Davao City: A Promise Fulfilled.

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