Another Condo is Rising in Magallanes Street


The Magallanes Residences Condominium (photo by TJbrewed @ SSC)

DMCI, the company who develop the Eco4000 in Ecoland, realized the
potential of midrise residential building in Davao that they are now
fast tracking another project called the Magallanes Residence. The 3 buildings boasting 7 or 8 stories each are located at Magallanes street near Davao City Hall (very interesting location).

The recent success of  Eco4000 Condominium from DMC Urban Property Developers Incorporated strengthens DMC’s decision to send a go signal for their next condo project in Magallanes Street. Eco4000 located in Ecoland just proves Davao City is ready for condominiums, a type of residence found only on cities with high degree of urbanity. Ever since the people of Davao are enjoying the city’s progress, its about time for dabawenyos to try something new like living in condos.

The pictures below (thanks to TJBrewed for the photos) are showing the site of construction. I am expecting that this project will be completed within 8 to 10 months from now (based on how DMCI was able to finish their prior project).




October 18, 2008


4 Responses to “Another Condo is Rising in Magallanes Street”

  1. 1 Jeam Refamonte

    hELLO Sir.
    Sir, Ask Lng Ko kung
    asa ni siya dapit?
    ingong man gud dapit sa City Hall.
    MaO nA siya na building
    kAnang naa sa 2nd picture? (kanang naay Taxi)
    Extensionan pA Na siya Sir?
    Or naa jud Lain na Site Para
    Sa Condo nA Bag-o?
    Or Katapad Lng niya?

    Thank You Sir,

    -Refamonte, 4th year Bonifacio-

  2. hi Dabawenyos!

    this is the best blog ever hehe!
    the Land of Durian is starting to rise!
    Padayonun na2 ang pag uswag mga dabawenyo’s..
    Hope nga dili lng ta diri tamAn! ahahaha!

    Thank You sa mga Dabawenyo..
    specially fud kay Sir. Mahinay!

    -Sandoval,Brendo Anthony- 4th year Bonifacio

  3. sir ayus ani siR oi

    daghan na diay na condo dre sa DvaO sir

    malamboon na diAY ang davao sir?

    unta mag padayon ang ing-aning sitwasyon

    onta mulambo pag ayo ang davao ^_^

  4. sir asa na dp8 ang mga condo sa davao sir!!!!!

    ka2 ng naa sa picture sir?

    baron,roldan anthony t. fr. 4rth yer bonifacio ^_^

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