Hi Friends! I Recently Published My New Website


I wasn’t able to post new articles in my blog because I’d been busy constructing my new website I humbly called “Going Urban“. It is all about Davao’s development and its pursuit to become a great city. It is a more organized archives of Davao City projects which provides helpful information to all people who are interested of latest updates of Davao’s progress.

I apologized for the links which are not yet working. I am going to open those links as soon as I am finished with other pages. It is actually a work in progress but It will grow into a big website filled with valuable informations as time goes by.

Here is the link: Going Urban


4 Responses to “Hi Friends! I Recently Published My New Website”

  1. 1 mabhek

    i think ur blog can really help us

  2. sir? kanus-a na mahuman ang website?

  3. 3 hill roberts

    Bob, great stuff. Has the local government already awarded you the gold/platinum medal for being a loyal adopted citizen of that growing gorgeous city? Time to tell Dabawenos that you
    deserve recognition for highlighting the good , better and best of what Davao has and can
    offer. No doubt, people of Davao are more than happy and gratreful to have you as adopted
    citizens of that growing gorgeous city. Stay healthy, be safe above all be happy. Mabuhay to you and all the expats who are thank God, appreciative of what Davao and its people can
    offer. Mabuhay and God bless you all!!!

  4. 4 luz

    Dear Sir,
    We are highly appreciated your new website. This will really help us as a teacher.
    Thank more power

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