The 5th Condominium in the City: Linmarr Towers


August 15, 2008

I was surprise to know that there is another condominium that will be constructed in Obrero right at the heart of China Town. The project has 3 buildings with 6 stories each and it is called Linmarr Towers. This will be the 5th condominium in Davao within one year and the fourth to start construction since May this year (I think its impressive).

The sudden surge of condominium projects in Davao is an exciting trend because it will make Davao home of the urbanite society. I am refering to those Class A people moving in to the city. The trend also solidify the posibility that its just a matter of time for Davao to embrace the coming of highrise building projects similar to Cebu in Visayas area.

Click the banner to go to their website:

The rendering of Linmarr Towers:


October 25, 2008

The ongoing construction of Linmarr Towers Condominium went full blast. Here are the chronological order of the construction starting with the purchase of heavy equipments, clearing of the site and the installation of the giant billboard from early August to September 2, 2008.


2 Responses to “The 5th Condominium in the City: Linmarr Towers”

  1. 1 Rewel Sarong

    Hello Sir,

    Another improvement
    Napud sa Davao.

    Unta Sir Mag padayon
    Pa Ang Pag Lambo Sa
    Siyudad Sa Davao.

    Kay Para Daghan Na Og
    Mubisita Sa Davao

    Para Pud Mudaghan Ang investors.

    =Rewel Sarong IV-Bonifacio=

  2. 2 joshua mabunga

    more and more condominium projects are here in Davao city, keep it up…

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