The Chronicles of Central Park Hotel


October 18, 2008

This is a story about a hotel in Davao City. She is a humble hotel, the first high rise building to be built within the city after Marco Polo yet she didn’t divulge anything to the people. How tall she’s gonna be? What she gonna look like? All she reveals is a covered rendering and a vacant lot for the construction site. That was late last year when she makes her presence felt at the boring street of Sta. Ana.

A week later, heavy equipments are inside the construction site. The mysterious project generates a big hype and excitement to the people of Davao. Its been a long time since we got this kind of stuff in the city.

On February 2008, the project is finally revealed to the public. It is a 12 storey hotel called “CENTRAL PARK HOTEL” and it is a project from a local investor. Amazing how a Davao based company can be able to pour investment of this magnitude. It just proves that local businessmen are also capable of competing against corporate giants outside the city.

The revelation gave dabawenyos something to wait for in the coming months. After the mystery has finally been revealed, construction went full blast. All we have to do is to wait đŸ˜‰ .

October 25, 2008

The building is going 6th floor as shown in the picture posted today.



6 Responses to “The Chronicles of Central Park Hotel”

  1. 1 Jayvee Caliao

    It is good to note that the economy of Davao City is in the air again with all the latest major development coming in. It is a sign of improvement that truly affects the lives of people.

  2. 2 Wadaboy

    Jayvee Caliao “It is a sign of improvement that truly affects the lives of people.”

    It truly is….. its just getting better, Davao is becoming a playground for investors…. lots of rumors are popping every now and then… and its not only an ordinary investments, but even bigger and greater in numbers compared what we already have right now.

  3. 3 Salvi Eugenio


    it’s a great feeling that davao, my birthplace, is adding a landmark…

    im hoping if i can get an information to whom i can present my company and product.
    we supply and install operable wall and acoustical treatment.

    hoping for your response.



  4. 4 Ped Quiamjot

    Central Park Hotel should be locally managed and operated.If I may suggest. The local culture and heritage of Davao must be defected to the design, concept and product orientation of this hotel. We Filipinos, are capable of attaining and projecting to the world that we are world class hoteliers and service providers.

    Central Park Hotel, once operational will add to the marketability of Davao City for national and international gatherings.

    Congratulations to the owners and investors of Central Park Hotel.

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