People’s Park Davao: An Eden Inside the City


Dabawenyos are so delighted to have a brand new park right at heart of the city. Opened early this year, the local government project called “PEOPLE’S PARK” will be forever a legacy for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Transforming the old, dilapidated, and razed Palaruang Panlunsod, a venue for sports events and orchid shows, into a place of eden never fails to mesmerized the local residents and visitors alike.

The old track from the old sports complex was retained and that is what I like about the park, it is now a favorite place for the health buffs like me for an early morning jogging and exercise. Joggers can jog around the track amidst the greenery and the serene environment. Somehow it makes the morning physical fitness worthwhile and therapeutic.

Today, the park is jam pack with people from all walks of life and from all ages. People of different shapes and sizes or even colors (a handful of Caucasians) are seen strolling along the park. Wheel chairs are available for the disabled, people are hearing Filipino songs and most of all, the security at the entrance gate managed to keep riff raffs away from the park so people can enjoy their stroll without being bothered by beggars. It keeps people safe also.

I notice that there are buses parked just outside the gates on a daily basis. These buses come from different provinces. No wonder there are many people inside (see the photo above). Really, the park is like a breath of fresh air within the bustle of Davao City.


12 Responses to “People’s Park Davao: An Eden Inside the City”

  1. 1 extracebu

    Wow ang sarap naman sa davao.
    This is the place na hindi ko pa na visit.
    Sana swertehin maka pasyal dyan.

    Used cars from Japan

  2. This is what we do not have here in Cebu.

    Congrats Davao

  3. 3 Davao's Open Secret

    Is this the first movie about Davao’s rumored “death squads”?

  4. Happy kadayawan to all Davaoenos and Mindanaoans out there!!!! God bless u all!!!

  5. hello..nakaka miss na dyan sa DAVAO! ang sarap ng umuwi..

    sheng from BAHRAIN

  6. yess! finally i would be able to reach davao with my love one!

  7. 7 grace chin

    woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…hi to all davaoeneos!for almost 6 years i never been see the place where i grew up.i cant imagine that it would be more beautiful.its so nice.i hope i can comeback next year.i miss so much davao.this is the 1 place u will never forget.its so beautiful.this is grace from RIYADH.

  8. 8 joyphares t. ocio

    a paradise in the heart of the city……..truly a gift from local government to davaoenos…….only in DAVAO

  9. wow…i love davao..nakakamiss ng umuwi sa davao…once lng ako naka visit sa park, lasted yr. 2008…hope to visit again dis coming vacation…

    JEAN from KUWAIT

  10. hmmmmm, wala ng mas gaganda pa jan… only one lng yan

  11. 11 Sweet

    Taga davao ko pero kaisa pa jud ko ka anha sa people’s park..i went there when it was just opened and it’s so amazing to see the major major improvement..sana d pics in this page don’t lie coz it really looks great!

  12. 12 Roy

    Beautiful park. Great photos!

    Nice featuring davao city.

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