Davao’s Skyline Today


Davao City couldn’t match up with Cebu City and Metro Manila’s skyline right now yet it is so much cleaner and remarkably well organized in comparison (Just look at those pics below). Still, I am hoping there will be more taller buildings to come in the nearest future (which of course I think will come around in an unexpectedly earliest possible time. I will not be surprised one day I will wake up and BOOM! High rises are sprouting like there is no tomorrow).


4 Responses to “Davao’s Skyline Today”

  1. “I will not be surprised one day I will wake up and BOOM! High rises are sprouting like there is no tomorrow”

    There are now, 2 proposals actually…. 41-storey Lumiere and 22-storey Prime Residences plus more to come.

  2. 2 louie

    Davao Skyline is indeed going up. It is nice to know that but I do hope the builders do not forget that the quality of land in Davao might not just support its weight or the builders have made these tall buildings earthquake proof. It would also be nice if these tall buildings have adequate parking space or do provide basement parking for the tenants. I just want to see Davao City NOT suffer the same fate of Makati or even Cebu with regards to parking, traffic and chaos. I hope the suburban feel of Davao will be maintained as it is one of its positive assets. Singapore does have tall buildings but the traffic is manageable because the designers have taken into account the traffic and volume of vehicles going around the city (Good thing Davao Council has started to realize this and are now asking mall owners on the proposed plan of traffic and parking.

    The tendency of having a lot of tall buildings in the place makes some minute changes in the wind patterns of the city. I just do hope that the environment is also considered like planting greens around the buildings.

    Cagayan de Oro is a midsized City compared to Davao but because of the malls, Lapasan area, which used to be a backyard area is now so filled with traffic that even the widest highways are jammed up. I hope Davao City will not end up like that….

  3. ang ganda talaga nang davao city

  4. 4 cebumania

    wow! grabe najud ang davao karon. taga cebu ko, tsk tsk..murag ma apsn pajud mi ninyo..haha! discipline sa kataohan ang usa sa pinaka importante para daghan ang mu invest. ug davao is safe and daghan pud ug resources. daghan ug population maayo sa mga investors ug richest city (speaking pud sa humongous area) largest city in the world!

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