Condominium Boom in Davao



Midrise condominiums are making their presence felt in Davao skyline. Linmarr Towers (construction above) as an example is slowly rising up in the heart of Chinatown. There are three buildings, 6 stories each, in this project in which that one in the picture above, as you can clearly see, is already taking shape.

Who are these people spending a lot of money for this type of dwellings by the way? Its crazy that the demand for residential condos is high and units are selling like hotcakes for a Mindanao city like Davao. At present, with a population of 1.4 million, Davao has the largest number of residents outside Metro Manila. It would only take a few years when Dabawenyos are living compactly in highrises based on this condo trend right now. It’s good apparently as long as slum dwellings are not spreading in durian land.

This is a cool rendering of the project


One Response to “Condominium Boom in Davao”

  1. 1 joshua Mabunga

    in the few years, there will be high rise buiilding condominium, what a great Davao city it is…

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