Two New Cinemas in Gaisano Mall


The coolest thing about Gaisano Mall’s expansion is their additional cinemas. Before there are 6 of them and now 2 were added which brings us to 8 cinemas all in all. The new cinemas will feature some of the latest technologies for screening movies and boasting a RECLINING CHAIR which is first in Mindanao.

As posted by from SSC

-seats recline up to around 6 inhces more
-cinema is similar to Glorietta 4 Cinemas
-comfy seats, rows are approximately 1m apart, a lot of legroom…you don’t get kicked at the back of the seats.
-sound and projector ng NCCC is better IMO

The Gaisano Mall of Davao located at Bajada is finally on its last stretch of their grand expansion and renovation.


One Response to “Two New Cinemas in Gaisano Mall”

  1. 1 A.B.

    They are tiny compared to movie theathers in the U.S.A. malls. I hope I get to check it out though. How much is the movie ticket anyways? Any discounts before the evening shows, like matinee prices?

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