SM Ecoland to Expand


Is it just me or SM Malls are becoming dominant in Davao? I always thought the Gaisanos are the one who owned the Mall Tycoon title. Here is why I said that, this is from what I’ve  heard from SSC forumers.  Aside from the proposed classy high end mall to be constructed in Lanang, the present SM Mall in Ecoland is going to be having a major expansion. This is how its going to be: pic from SSC, sorry but dunno who edited it.


That yellow color area right there is the expansion of SM Mall. Once finish, SM Mall is going to be a one butt kicking huge mall.

This little piece of information from xhibit at SSC Davao Forum:

the good news is that sm city davao will start its expansion around 1st to 2nd quarter of next year. the expansion will be around 65k sqm, GLA. it is effectively going to be another mall connected to the old mall…


3 Responses to “SM Ecoland to Expand”

  1. 1 waway625

    ako nag edit ana 😛

    correction lang po.. as per info sa SSC Davao, sa green area ang expansion ng SM..tapos di pa alam ano ang plans ng SM sa yellow area..then di rin alam sino ang may ari or ano ang plans sa blue area.. 🙂

  2. 2 nickilo

    ah ok…thanx

  3. 3 lance

    This is a good news. Hope SM will also invest in the growing Davao property sector.

    Davao real estate properties

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