Update: SM Ecoland Expansion Kicks Off


Mall rats, here’s the good news, the current SM Ecoland is expanding. Workers are now busy clearing the land at the back of the mall using their heavy equipments. Take a look at this picture below courtesy of SSC.

The clearing is to make a new parking lot for shoppers. The expansion is located at the old parking lot at the left side of the mall. Here is what the mall will look like when finish. (photos by xzhibit)

Really cool right, the mall will be 4 levels high. The first 2 levels are retail with more or less 170 shops and the upper 2 level are for BPO according to an insider’s info. There should be some great stuff they’ll put in there too like maybe IMAX theater or ice skating rink perhaps, well I am just guessing.


6 Responses to “Update: SM Ecoland Expansion Kicks Off”

  1. time frame for SM expansion project:

    sept 15 – start of clearing operations sa FDS, preparation for cementing.
    oct 15 – start of renovation works sa sm city davao
    dec 31 – completion of the cementing for the parking.
    jan 1 – start of construction of the expansion.
    dec – estimated time for turnover of contractor to sm.

  2. nice updating nickilo….

  3. By the way….. when the expansion is finish there will be a highrise hotel to erect at the right side of the parking lot.

  4. Oh joy! this sounds really cool…but I am just wondering where they will put the main entrance of the new building..will it be at the back area – fronting the new car park? or still at the tower area?

  5. 5 lawrence

    WOW d best !! na talaga ng davao ! hahaha

  6. Τhanks for finally talkinɡ about >Update: SM Ecoland Exρansion Kicks
    Off | Davao City: A Ƥromise Fulfilled <Loved it!

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