Rumor: 22-Storey Prime Residences Project


Hi Guys…… To all Davao lovers. Hey, I have something to show to you, its a bit hasty but who cares as long as there is something we could think about in the future. This is just a rumor anyway so don’t get too ahead of yourselves. Here we go:

Click this pic to enlarge…. you must do it.

By the way, the pic is originally from here and I grabbed it just to post it here in my blog, thank you so much. So, guys….. looking great huh!


7 Responses to “Rumor: 22-Storey Prime Residences Project”

  1. This project is located at Bajada beside the flyover

  2. This is legit project and it is actually 22-storey not 18-storey. I’ll just post another article about this highrise when I gather enough data.

  3. 3 Alvin

    wOw, this is great. I hope this one will come true.

  4. 4 jun

    atik napud ni

  5. 5 joms

    tinood ba tong gi ingun nila na naay 41 storwy pu daw ang davao dapit sa obrero???

  6. 6 monsoul

    the lumiere davao na.. sa obrero itukod..pero murag wala may latest update.. pero may nakaingon na sa june 2011 daw ang groundbreaking

  7. murag dili m daw mdaun ang lumiere.. rumor lang mn daw to…

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